While I haven’t heard so much in the media lately about this topic, it’s been on my mind a lot, as I have heard more than one person I care about talk about how they or someone they love has recently been subject to what amounts to bullying behavior — from people they trusted.  That is the worst kind of betrayal you can have!

The topic of bullying deserves its own space for resources and ways to help; I’ve made a pledge with an Aussie friend of mine to go into this full force later this year.  So it will happen.

Meanwhile you can do a browser search for “how to protect yourself from bullies” and “resources to help with bullying”; depending upon the age and social status of the person being bullied, you may also want to add qualifiers such as “for kids”, “for teens”, “for disabled”, “for gays” etc.  There are a lot of good resources already out there, so please do find them and use them.

Meanwhile I wanted to let people know that there is another kind of help available for anyone who finds themselves the recipient of any kind of bullying.  Sometimes it happens in the workplace, from toxic co-workers or bosses.  Sometimes it’s something that happens socially, when a “frenemy” crosses the line between snarky remarks and truly attacking you.  Sometimes it comes from complete strangers, who somehow feel the need to push their way around.

Wherever it comes from, you do NOT have to put up with it.  Ever.

What will help you most of all is to understand deeply that you are not the cause of anyone else’s behavior.  And you do NOT deserve to be treated badly, by anyone. You have the absolute right to set and keep your own boundaries ~ and that’s not anyone’s business but your own!

Stop allowing bullies to drive you into panic attacks

Stop allowing bullies to drive you into panic attacks

Here is where flower essences can really help you.  I want to share with you a true story about how they helped me through a terrible time in my life, and how the flower essences completely turned my situation around for the better.

Last year, a former business partner suddenly broke his agreement with me, without any advance warning.  The product in question at that time comprised a significant portion of my income, and to add insult to injury it happened just before the holiday season when the financial pain was sure to be the most severe.

This event was accompanied by the sober realization on my part that this person had never really had my interests at heart; I had befriended him and his company but that friendship was not reciprocal.

Over the years he demonstrated behaviors that anyone observing would call abusive (at best) and bullying (at worst.)  For many years it seemed that this was the price I’d have to pay as part of doing business with him and to be able to offer the product.    It was a steep price, and one I came to regret.

The broken contract was the last straw for me.  When it happened, in a flash I saw how much I had deluded myself, and what part I had played in allowing the behavior to continue without effective protest.   I had been deluding myself — and that was the most painful realization of all.

It was around this time that several of his associates were complaining to me about his narcissistic behaviors, and when they told me this, suddenly many things became clear.  I knew what I was dealing with, and knew that this relationship held no hope for redemption.

The first place I turned was to the flowers; they have always helped me in the past, and they didn’t let me down this time!  I quickly made for myself a custom blend that did the following important things:

  • stabilized the shock and pain of what had happened
  • allowed me to completely release the relationship and all my attachments to it
  • helped me seek out and find appropriate help so that I could heal the personal pain, take effective steps to solve the business issues that needed immediate attention, and to clear the past completely so that I could move forward with a clear heart and mind into new products, free from what had gone before.
  • realize that I truly do have power, purpose, and passion — and that I can direct it appropriately towards new opportunities

Within one week of starting to take this formula, I no longer felt like a victim.  For me, it worked that fast (mercifully.)  I was able to understand how I had contributed to (and sometimes enabled) the bullying behavior.  I started to use different criteria for what I want in my business and from my business relationships.  I found allies and new partners who have proven themselves not only worthy of my trust, but also who have expansive and well-aligned energy, products and services to offer.

Within one month, ALL of the above was in place — and starting to move me and my business towards new solutions.

I can honestly say that I absolutely needed those essences, in order to make the shift from pain and bewilderment, from feeling like a victim who has been battered, to a survivor who knows how to make lemonade from a pile of lemons, and from feeling shattered and powerless to feeling that I know what I need and how to form new and healthy relationships.

I took responsibility for sweeping my side of the street clean — and for doing what it takes to rebuild the damaged parts of my business.

Now, my business is MUCH stronger than before (as am I); I have new business partners and allies in my life who are helping me to expand my business in directions I have always wanted to grow but didn’t know how.

And as for my former business partner?  After much hard work (on both the inner and outer planes) we both signed a legal agreement dissolving our previous relationship, on terms acceptable to us both.

I never thought that would be possible.  But it happened.

From the time the breach occurred, I never dreamed I would within 6 months be not only free forever from the pain, but also joyfully thriving.  And I am.  I went from feeling like a frazzled, hopeless mess — to a fully empowered, new, strong place.  I am so grateful!

So.  Now you know how this formula came to be.  And why.  The reason I’m re-sharing that story now?  Too many people I know are still suffering.   And I know that this flower essence formula can help.

If you or anyone you know needs the pattern to break away from a toxic relationship (in your personal life or in a business relationship) please consider The Break Away Flower Essence Formula.  It will help you with the hardest parts of your journey — and speed you on to a new and better place.

You can get that by calling us at 1-900-914-2975 and leaving your contact details.  We will get back to you as soon as possible to arrange for your order.

Please share this article on your social media pages, so that others who need this help can find it too.  It will help anyone who feels like a victim of bullying, or who has experienced a painful betrayal from a toxic relationship of any kind, to recover from the trauma and rebuild a stronger, more stable life afterwards.

You know, way back in the 1960’s there was a lot of talk about “flower power” — but they weren’t referring to flower essences then.   Gives new meaning to the term!

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