One of the hardest lessons I see people facing these days is when they find themselves having to ask for help.  Pride is often the culprit, but there are other reasons too.  Many cultures seem not to value asking for help as much as they could, which leaves a person who needs help out on a limb, feeling “less than” whole.

Whether it’s economic need, need for companionship and community, or just a need for meaning — we all have needs.  And there are times we all need help.  It’s nothing to be ashamed of.  And yet, too many times, we are. And that’s very sad — because then if we DO ask for help, we can’t feel good about it, or else we don’t ask and don’t get what we need.  These days many people need help with:

  • getting help for an eating disorder
  • getting help for teenage suicide
  • help for getting out of debt
  • help getting out of foreclosure

There are so many problems in the world today, it is a rare person or family who does not face some kind of need.  The good news is that there IS help for almost all of them — yours included (whatever it is.)

A few years back I had to admit that I could no longer do the physical work it takes to clear the walks and driveway when it snows.  For a while, I was feeling badly about that — until I discovered a group of local youngsters whose mission really made sense.  Hiring them was a way to get done what we needed, AND help the community too.  I’m so glad I asked for help with this! See this post I made about it.

Everyone has something in their lives where they could use a little help.  It’s time to connect and find out how to get the help we each need, in new ways.  Sometimes a little imagination and ingenuity will help more than just the person who needs something done.

A few years back I read a great book on exactly this subject.  Because I see so many people still having trouble with this, I though it might be time to talk about it again — and give you a link to the resource. The author is Peggy Collins, and the book title is Help Is Not A Four-Letter Word:  How Doing It All Is Doing You In.

Here’s the image of the book, which is still available.

You may know someone who REALLY needs this book this holiday season — do them a favor and gift it to them.  They will thank you for it.

Or maybe YOU are the one who needs it ~ go ahead and buy it.  Read it.  Use it.  You will be so glad you did.

Oh, and if someone asks YOU for help?  Don’t feel badly if you can’t offer it — it’s OK to say no.  If you can’t help, perhaps you know someone who could.  That way everyone wins.  And that’s the best thing of all.

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