Flower Essences

“I achieve greatness because I am connected.
If you’re not, a good place to start is flower essences.


We all know about their beauty. Their fragrance. Even their culinary benefits. But do you know the most important thing of all about flowers? (Most people don’t.) Their essences!


Each flower carries a special purpose, encoded vibrationally in its petals; from these petals, a flower essence is made. . . when the flower essence comes in contact with YOUR vibrational system, transmits its wisdom and pattern so that you, too can know wholeness and beauty inside.

I create custom blended flower essence formulas for people and their pets.

To learn more, visit both of my web sites:


Announcing my NEW BLOG!


The Universe has inspired me to create many new blends for my clients and your animal friends! The best place to learn about all the new flower “bouquets” and how they can help you is to sign up for my blog — so you won’t miss a thing.

My two main flower essence sites will soon be getting a complete makeover, to make it easier to find what you’re looking for and give you a better online experience.  Meanwhile, we have added some new combinations and several new series for both people and animals, that aren’t yet on the flower essence sites.  You might like to check these out:

Have a bad habit you’re trying to break?  We can help with that!

Announcing the “Busters Series”

Want to be part of an exciting new series?  (Well, we have several. . . here’s the first one.)  Get your top issues handled each month and help raise the collective consciousness of the planet while you do.   Come join us here:  The Collective Consciousness Healing Group

If you feel that you may be suffering from a core soul wound, our new program can really help you speed your way through to the other side.  The Song of the Soul ~ A Multidimensional Healing Series is the first stage of a longer program that I am developing in partnership with astrologer and healer D.K. Brainard.  The work we are doing together is for soul mastery; we have the tools you need.  Please come join us!  Listen to the free introductory call and sign up for news about what’s coming next and how you can be part of that.

For animals (and for people, too) we have added organic essential oil fragrances to our top formulas for animals, and made them into sprays.  The results have been stunning!  We’re very pleased with the new direction and our clients are seeing excellent results.  Check out our new line of Animal Essence Sprays.

We also have a selection of special formulas for specific uses:

Break Away from Toxic Relationships ~ a formula for healing wounds from bullying, and learning to find new, trustworthy alliances to help you start over

And we’re making more all the time!  Be sure to get on our list so that you can get news about what’s new as it becomes available:  Sign up for updates and news about flower essences.

Here is what one of my clients has to say about my flower essence therapy:

“The essences have been really wonderful and have been instrumental on my journey. They help me because I believe in the essences that the Spirit has passed through you. I believe that you are an open vessel for the Spirit. Each essence that I have taken works subliminally and in conjunction with my existing and evolving practice. I have also noticed that by the time I have used all the essence, I have clarity and resolution about the matter, and have moved through to the next level of growth. It comes from my sub- conscious to my conscious and back to my sub- conscious! I enjoy that process because it allows me to release those internalized behaviors that no longer serve me. I find that when I have launched a desire the Universal Forces lines up what I need, and you and your wonderful essences have become a part of me! Thanks.”

– Deanne Feaster, Metairie, LA (Katrina Survivor)

Flower essences make a delightful gift for someone special. May I create a custom “bouquet” for you, a loved one, or a beloved pet? You can be anywhere in the world! I have coached people in Europe, Canada, and the USA — and I can coach anyone who has access to a telephone and/or computer.  SIGN UP NOW!

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