Do you know how to upgrade your personal operating system?

Feb 22, 2023 | Bright Wings articles, Soul Support

No, I’m not talking about your computer — I’m talking about how you roll, what your default way of being in the world is, and how you make yourself present (or not.)

Why this matters:

Until you gain control over — and know how to modulate — your own habits, patterns and behavior, you are simply responding to the noise of life, and not feeling as alive as you want.  You’re at the mercy of outside events and people (who may or may not have YOUR interests at heart.)

Brendon Burchard said recently that one of the big problems we humans face is that we must learn how to manage ourselves better.

By this, I believe he means we must learn how to live purposefully and consciously, learn how to control and manage our impulses, feelings, and behavior — so that we are not causing harm or suffering and so that we are helping to create solutions to all the things we face in this complicated world.

Since these skills are not often things we learn in school, it’s been up to us to figure out for ourselves so far.  Those of us on a spiritual path may find tools that will help, but mostly we’ve been on our own — and mostly not making much progress overall.

That’s why I wrote my latest book, Living A Soul-Based Life ~ How to Upgrade Your Personal Operating System.

Living A Soul-Based Life Book Cover

Living A Soul-Based Life Book Cover

Here you’ll find answers to the question of how to change the way you habitually respond to life, with a more conscious approach that makes living simpler and more satisfying.

Living a soul-based life is the way to turn off the noise around you and start tuning into the music that your soul understands, that moves you and grounds you and delights you completely.

The process is not difficult and anyone can learn it.  When people know how to shift their personal operating system, there are few things that can stop them for long.

And (in my humble opinion) the more people who are actually living a soul-based life, the faster we can build a better world.

Want less suffering and more happiness?  Living A Soul-Based Life will show you how to get there.

Get a copy for yourself and consider gifting copies to your family, your teams and co-workers, and anyone you know who wants a proven way to get out of the old ways of thinking that are making them miserable.  (After all, once YOU’VE upgraded your own personal operating system, won’t you want those around you to be able to experience the relief YOU feel?)

Order your copy today, and share this link with everyone you know who needs it.  You’ll be glad you did.  The world is waiting for ways to make things better — and this book is an important bridge to a future we all long to experience.

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