Dancing to the Tune That’s Playing, Not the One You Wanted to Hear

Jul 2, 2013 | 30 Day Blog Challenge, Bright Wings articles, Change, Connection, Consciousness, Inspirations, Lightworkers and Spirituality, Motivation, Writing

Since sometime in February, when the new Chinese and Tibetan astrological calendars came into play, we were advised that we are in a Water Snake Year.  Among other things, that was supposed to mean that we get the energy of being “fluid and flexible” — just as water is and just as snakes are.

For those of us who are not so used to operating with this kind of energy, it’s been. . . interesting, to say the least.  Well, it’s been kind of an interesting year for everyone, come to think of it!  Lots of water, but not in places that need it; lots of change, and not all of it welcome (although some of it certainly is, depending upon your perspective.)  This hasn’t been a year to take anything for granted!  You can’t simply push or pull your way through this kind of energy!  It doesn’t work.

Struggle won't work

Struggle won’t work

The thing about being flexible is that there are times when, if you can’t bend, you will break.  Some of the brokenness is hard to repair.  Relationships either change and transform into something that works for all sides, or else they end.  Businesses either adapt, or go under.  Styles, attitudes, and even forms change where they can, and become something new and different.   Entire countries erupt in protest around the world, as emerging consciousness demands change through failing systems.

At a personal level, we have stress.  The friction between what can’t or won’t move or bend, and what the energy wants — forces something to change, in relentless waves.  To quote an old Star Trek quip:  “to resist is futile!”  You can’t really stop change from coming, any more than you can stop a tsunami.  You can either get out of the way, if you have time and the opportunity, or you get hammered to death and destroyed.

Sometimes it’s not that dramatic — just a seemingly endless drip of water that will eventually wear a new path for water to flow more easily.  From what I can see, watching what’s going on in the world and in my own life and business, when we can be fluid and flexible we get all the support we could want.  My business feels like it’s almost completely shed an old skin, and is ready to emerge with brand new projects, products and programs.  A lot of what didn’t work has been swept away and is no more.  A lot of it happened so fast it took my breath away and left me scrambling for purchase upon the craggy rocks of the shore; some of it was more gentle and allowed me to ebb and flow like the incoming and outgoing tides.

On a personal level I feel that I am learning to master new levels of flexibility and agility that I didn’t know I had; the times and circumstances have demanded it of me.  I wish I could say that I can now feel back at the helm and know where I’m going with certainty.  The landscapes and currents are not yet clear — to any of us.  But I can say that I’m not so scared to be on the ocean now, and have started to be just a little curious where we will all end up.

For me, the key is something we humans were learning big time last year — to think from the heart.  This year we still have to do that, but now we also have to stay fluid and flexible too.  Some days, it takes all I have just to be able to do all that.  When I can, it works.  When I can’t?  It’s not so much fun until I put myself solidly back on track.

Long gone is the fantasy that anyone or anything else can or will do my growing for me, nor keep my consciousness where I want it.  As long as I’m here, apparently that’s my job description.  It’s probably part of your job description, too.  I keep counting on the fact that we will all show up for work.  Some days, it feels like quite a number of us have “called in sick” — or else didn’t bother to show up at all.  I’m holding out hope that the rest of the folks will wake up soon and get on board, so we can get safely through the passage of change with a planet under us that still works.

I’m still loving the dance, even if they aren’t quite playing “my song” yet.

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