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Have you ever found yourself stuck in a craving loop for something you wanted but for whatever reason you couldn’t have? Or feeling like a victim over something where you had no control?

My forthcoming book, Healing The Wanting: Making The Shift From Grasping to Gratitude, answers the question so many of us are asking these days: “How can I make whole the world I see when for me something is missing?”

If this is something you’ve been struggling with, then please do yourself a favor and get your hands on this powerful excerpt from my book, which contains tons of useful information that will help you get started. You will discover a clear pathway out of loss, poverty, lack, scarcity, and victimhood — into a fully empowered and satisfying life.

The book itself is over 450 pages long; this excerpt contains the preface and entire first chapter, giving you a strong start at creating some new solutions for yourself. The final book contains more than 25 pages of resources and tools, along with hundreds of strategies and methods that will set you on the path to healing, regardless of what has happened in your life so far.

When published, it will sell for quite a lot more than $9.00 ~ because it contains far more content than this 50-page excerpt.

So why am I only charging $9.00 for this? Easy. I need feedback and testimonials as I finish editing and getting it ready to publish, and I’m offering this secret glimpse into some of the best content for a very low price in exchange.

Once the book is in production, I’m not going to be able to keep this offer going. I’m doing it only long enough to get a few good testimonials from readers who really love it. (I hope you’re one of them!) Once I have those testimonials, I will be taking this offer down.

The Connected Spirit Giveaway is going out to thousands of readers ~ so please make sure you can take advantage of this offer now. So. . . you need to jump on this while you still can.

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