In the past, there was talk of a “New World Order” — but what that turned out to be was more of the same old-same old, only with stronger institutions to enforce it on everyone, whether they wanted it or not.  Hardly my idea of an improvement!

Since then, there has been a quiet revolution among those who really do want change — the kind of change that helps everyone, not just an elite few.  That kind of change is hard to imagine, let alone create.  But many individuals and small groups have been talking about this for some time.  This is what a quiet revolution is like.  It’s not loud, noisy, or violent (as in the self-serving Tea Partiers, who seem to want a rapid retreat to the past, rather than forward-looking, comprehensive solutions.)  But it may just be what ends up working.

Some of the folks in the so-called Tea Party do have good ideas; but they are being shouted down by others who just want to vent their displeasure.  Most of its followers fail to realize that it’s being funded by some secretive but deep-pocketed corporate interests who like to stir up opposition to things that really ARE changing.  (The Tea Party funders are not that hard to find, but they want everyone to think that the Tea Party is a grass-roots movement.  It’s not.  And don’t get me started here, or I really will go off topic. . . )

This is not about what’s wrong. it’s about what’s going right.  ) There is a lot more of that than we hear about.  I’ll be doing my best to bring as much of it as possible to your attention here.

Today, I want to shine some light on a movement that really IS  based on forward-thinking principles — and values that more and more people care deeply about. holds this as its primary tenet:  “It is not about the conflict between good and evil, it is about the conflict of fear or the Peace of Love.”

Think about that.  It’s an entirely new paradigm.  Hard to argue with, without revealing one’s own attachments to things that don’t work.

Some things that seem fragile are just beautiful enough to make a difference.  Kindness is one of those things.  So is peace.  World5 is about creating something that never was.  Because it’s beautiful.  And because we can.

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