Because this Memorial Day in the US, as we remember how fragile life can
be, and how uncertain, I was sensitive to everything going on globally. 
While remembering the lives lost in wars and conflict, I felt we might
also take a moment to consider what we can do NOW ~ to make our own
lives (and the lives of those around us in our families and circles of
connection) stable and healthy under the most challenging conditions any
of us has ever seen in our lifetime.

Forgive the last-minute notice, but time really is of the essence.  We
must prepare ourselves.  There is a LOT we can do right now, no matter
what the outer conditions impose on us.  Let’s talk about that!

You are invited to a Zoom meeting.
When: May 27, 2020 06:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Register in advance for this meeting:

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Some of the things we’ll be discussing are:

— We are in a pivotal moment right now.  The challenge is also an
opportunity to create a beautiful new future, while ensuring that we get
through the present moment in good shape.  Let’s discuss some new
options for thriving, now and tomorrow.

— How can we handle the stress and anxiety of the uncertain situation
we’re in, as individuals, families, and communities?

— Because it’s more and more apparent that the old patriarchal model
(especially around money) is breaking down, what can we do about that? 
If you are a healer or gig worker, or dependent on systems and
structures that now seem to be shaky, what can you do to survive?   
What do you do if customers or clients can’t pay?  These and other
matters are no longer theory for a time in the future — they are a
sudden reality NOW for many millions of us.

One thing I am convinced about right now:  those of us who are conscious
enough to know WHAT to do, and are stable enough to take action, are
going to be those who can support and help build whatever is on the
other side of our pandemic.

I don’t know about you, but personally I would prefer that what we build
is beautiful and stable, rather than any of the alternative futures that
are also possible.  I’d rather shape what happens in a good and loving
way.  Will you step up and be part of this?

Please join me and two of my closest colleagues, Peter O’Donnell and
Emma Miller, to discuss these questions on a one-hour Zoom call.  We’ll
leave time at the end to answer questions and explore some ways we are
finding that are changing everything for us and those in our connected

Please do share the invitation and link with anyone who you feel would
resonate with it.  Time is short, so please register now and share with
a friend or colleague.  Because I’m new at doing Zoom calls, I can’t
guarantee there will be a replay, so please carve out an hour to join us
for this important discussion.

Thank you so much for being here in the world now, and for your
contributions of love, wisdom, courage, and faith.

Many blessings of health, peace and love to you and yours, now and