CorgiAid publishes New Christmas book for pet lovers

Nov 12, 2010 | Announcements, Bright Wings articles, Connection, Inspirations, People Doing Good Stuff, Pets, Writing

Many pet rescue organizations get very creative when times are hard, to keep the cash flowing for helping the critters they love.  CorgiAid is one outfit that consistently comes up with new and fun ways to do this.  In part because I have a Corgi, and in part because I love what this team is up to, I’ve supported the organization for many years.

Last year one of the fundraisers they did was extremely successful; they published a Christmas book in full color paperback, featuring a Corgi, with a touching story — and added an online auction of the original art by popular artists whose drawings and illustrations were featured in the book.  It netted CorgiAid more than $10,000!

This year, the organization is repeated the effort — with a brand new story and new art.  The Watching:  A Corgi Puppy’s Christmas Surprise is at the press now and will soon be ready to ship, just in time for holidays.  The art this year is stunning, and the story is, again, sweet and touching.

The Watching 2010 Cover

Photo courtesy of CorgiAid

Longtime Corgi breeder Millie J. Williams has written each Christmas a new version of The Watching for an online Corgi list; it was an easy stretch to bring together a high-level team of artists, editors, and illustrators, to put the stories into the hands of more Corgi lovers, and for pet lovers all around the world.  My partner, Cindy Read (an award-winning writer and editor) put together a winning team — and another great book for holidays.

Please consider buying a few copies as gifts for all the pet lovers in your life — and make sure to keep a copy for yourself.  You will love the story (and — if The Watching is new to you, get last year’s too; they are still available.)  Your purchases help Corgis with medical needs get the help they need so that they can find a forever home with a new family.  And that’s a story we all can help write 🙂

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