The Consciousness Cafe is a new community space we are developing for people who like deep, meaningful conversations with like-minded people.  Since I know many of my blog readers enjoy this kind of space and conversations, I wanted to let you know what’s happening ~ and invite you to join in.

If you like discussing awareness, attention, working with the mind, consciousness, mindfulness, and related topics ~ or want to learn more about them ~ this is the place for you.  After you get on the mailing list, you will be taken to a brief survey, where we are gathering information about how many features you want to find here.  We will keep that up until the end of the month, but early indications are that you want it all!!  Which is rather fun 🙂

I and my online partners are getting some experience putting together large sites, but this one is one of the most interesting so far.  I have another one about halfway done, too, that I expect to launch this fall, but right now I’m focusing on The Consciousness Cafe There will be a community forum so that you can network with each other; some learning tools and maybe some tele-classes, courses and training; and most definitely a marketplace where you can find all kinds of resources to help you develop your own consciousness and awareness.

Definitely we will be sharing a wealth of self-development and personal growth tools with you!  There is enormous interest in personal growth and self-development, but not a lot of places where you can just hang out and talk about it with like-minded, respectful people.  That’s why we’re creating this.

Unless we hear differently, then, we plan to start putting the pieces together in ways we think you will enjoy.  Meanwhile, we have a blog started at The Consciousness Cafe and a few conversations are already going.  Come on over and start a conversation — or keep one going 🙂  We’d love to have you!

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