Collective Consciousness Healing Group

Announcing new, breakthrough program for people on the path to enlightenment!

Collective Consciousness Healing Group
~ with Custom Blended Flower Essences

Shift your consciousness, solve your problems, and take quantum leaps forward in personal growth and self-development using our exciting new program!

Together we heal the world

Together we heal the world

Come join us for a brand new adventure in personal growth and self-development ~~~>

Here’s how it works.

Once a month, we meet by telephone conference call.  (If there are time issues for some of you, we MAY do a few groups online in a protected, confidential space.)  First, we check in using a talking-stick protocol for 5 minutes each.   (If we’re doing this online, there will be assignments you will get, with a deadline for completing them.  They will be brief but focused.)

After the check-ins, we take a moment to assess the themes of what’s happening that all of us have in common.  Each member has the chance to state what their insights about what the “group theme” is for that month.

I will make a custom blended flower essence formula solving the problem or addressing the theme of the group for that month, and each member gets a bottle of the flower essence made as a result of our collective insights.  (Additional bottles will be available to group members for an additional fee plus shipping, if members want more than one bottle or want bottles to last them longer than just one month.)

All calls and content are confidential and not to be shared outside the group; members must agree to respect the group confidentiality as part of their membership obligations.

Calls are expected to take no more than 60 minutes, so you can plan your schedules.

Come join us now!  We’re having a LOT of fun, and solving some gnarly problems as we go.  Things like:

  • having the self-confidence to do what you wish you could
  • releasing old worn-out patterns that have been holding you back
  • allowing more abundance into your life
  • welcoming new opportunities and relationships
  • and much more!

Wouldn’t YOU like some new tools for your real-time, real-life dilemmas?  And wouldn’t YOU like to be part of a new family of friends who (like you) are helping to change the world by tackling your own big issues and getting them handled?
We’re doing it!  And so can you 🙂

When I do private 1-1 flower essence consultations with clients, almost every single one of them tells me afterward, “Wow, I would pay anything you charge just to have you listen to me like you just did!”  Yes, the flower essences are important, but I really get the deep value of being heard.  Of someone just listening to you, without an agenda, to witness your sacred journey in life.

In your group, not only will you be heard — but you will also find the relief of knowing you’re not alone.  Of understanding that we are ALL going through big shifts right now, and that as each one of us discovers how to break through to new levels of awareness, skill and mastery, it lifts the rest of us up, too, so that we can all evolve faster and more easily.  That’s kind of awesome.

The kind of work we do is very personal and meaningful.  Who really listens to you?  Who really cares about who you are, and how you are experiencing being here on planet earth?  It’s kind of sad, but too many of us don’t have someone in our lives who serve this role for us.  We move too fast, we aren’t paying attention, and we don’t take the time.  This is one place where you can anchor, be heard, and get the tools you need to move forward on the biggest issues you’re facing right now.

If you were to hire me to make a custom blended flower essence formula, you’d pay $150 right now.  (I WILL be raising my prices sometime soon, so that will increase.)  See, it takes me the time we speak (for one hour) plus THREE hours of meditation and research in co-creative work with the flower and plant devas, to know what the specific flowers are that carry the energy patterns you need for the changes you want to make.  Then I have to create the blend, from among my extensive repertory of more than 2700 individual flowers from around the world.  If a customer needs a flower that, for some reason I don’t have (sometimes it will be a new flower that’s just been made that I don’t even know about yet!) then I have to go find it.  All of this takes quality time from me.

But when you’re in the Collective Consciousness Healing Group?  You only pay a portion of the value you get.  AND you get the benefit of connecting with others who are working on the same issues you are.  And you get the flower essences that support your self-growth and healing work.

Group members also get discounted prices on ALL my other flower essence formulas, if you want them.

What’s all this worth?  Individually you’d pay at least $200.00 per month for this, and it’s worth a LOT more than that — probably around $500.00 all told.  But when you sign up to work with us in the group?  It’s only $50.00 a month. 

Let me ask you this;  “What is it worth to you, to get your top issues handled in a supportive environment, each and every month?  What would it be worth you to, to have the comfort of knowing others understand what you’re going through — and are helping to shift the energy around THAT very same thing?”

Group members are telling me it’s priceless to them, and that they’d pay a LOT more for this than I’m charging.

But I can only do a limited number of groups.  There are only a limited amount of hours in the week.  Unfortunately, I can’t help everyone.  Only those who know a fantastic deal when they see it — and are ready to work on themselves.

I wish I could share with you the relief that group members feel, when they see that they aren’t the only one struggling with an issue they think they should have mastered by now.  But the groups are confidential, and I can only share a tiny portion of what I’m hearing from our members.

At the beginning of every month, I will know if we have room for more new members.  Most months, we don’t.  If you register now, you may be able to get in, but I can’t promise.

Once you join  one of the Collective Consciousness Flower Essence Groups, you will be notified of all the details you will need regarding how it will work, times and days, and everything else you’ll need to know.

Are you ready to really rock your life like it’s never been before?  Let’s do it together!  I can’t wait to get started with you.

Come join us now! 

Your investment is $50/month membership, limited to 12 members. per group  After you join, you will pay just $50 per month to remain in the group and receive the experience of Collective Consciousness Group Flower Essences, and get your own custom blend of flower essences that solve the common problem or focus of each month’s work.

Nothing like this has ever been done before!  Be part of the new wave of conscious co-creation.  Let’s change the world together, using the collective power of our human consciousness in conscious connection with the flowers of the planet.

You will lead a new tribe to transcend the old patterns that don’t work, and anchor in the news ones that do.  You’ll be in the leading wave of new humans, well equipped to easily navigate all the uncharted waters we’re exploring together.

Thank you for being part of the solution, with me and with all our Collective Consciousness Healing Group members!



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