In previous articles on this topic, we covered what the 4 kinds of clutter are, and shared some ways to create solutions for them.  You can read the previous parts of this article here:  Part One Part Two Part Three.  Now let’s turn to one of the kinds of clutter that’s the most insidious — because few but the brave want to think about it:  emotional clutter.

When you have too many feelings to process, or too much happening all at once, your emotional circuits can get overloaded.  For most people, this is not only uncomfortable but it leads to overload in other areas, too.  This one is so challenging to deal with partly because most of us aren’t used to “taking our emotional temperature” on a daily basis, so we don’t really notice that things are piling up until we are almost over the edge or there’s a crisis of some kind.

When the circuits of your mind are overloaded, they  affect all the rest of your life too

When the circuits of your mind are overloaded, they affect all the rest of your life too

The sad thing is, you don’t really have to let things get that far before you take action to sort your feelings out and give them the space and attention they (and YOU!) need.  It’s not as hard as you might fear.  Here are some tips and resources that will help.

  • Take time for yourself.  Even though you’re probably busier than ever, and it seems hard to do, just do it.  Get some downtime.  That doesn’t mean sitting in front of the TV or browsing social media, either!  It means turn everything off.  Go somewhere quiet.  Spend some time alone, and allow your mind and heart to settle.  When things are in a turmoil inside you, that is THE most important time to create shelter for yourself, and go into your private sanctuary, or into your “man cave” if you’re a guy; go wherever you can just be alone with yourself and FEEL your feelings, so you know what’s going on.  Time spent meditating beforehand may help (refer to Part Three for suggestions about that, if you’re not familiar with meditation already.)  The thing is, you can’t expect to cope with your feelings when you’re trying to keep up with your daily life; you need special time to take care of this.  And you deserve it!
  • Talk it out.  Pick a trusted friend or spiritual advisor who will just be there for you while you get it off your chest, whatever it is.  Ask them just to listen to you, not to offer solutions or try to “fix”  it.  What you want is to be able to safely hear yourself say what’s on your heart and have it received without judgement.
  • Write it out.  Sometimes writing everything out, in a stream of consciousness, will do the trick.   The point here is to express what you feel, so you aren’t keeping it inside or hidden — even from yourself.
  • Use the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT.)  Millions swear by it, including several big name celebrities.  You can browse any search engine or media and find tons of resources for this.

What you’re after here is a way to safely express — and then review — whatever it is that’s weighing on your heart, because sooner or later it will find its way into your mental stream and then manifest physically, perhaps in ways you don’t want and could avoid.  The sooner you deal with your feelings, the sooner you will be at peace with them.

Finally, there are some additional resources that can help.  I’ll list them in order of what I view as most important.

  1. Emergency Trauma Solution (ETS) Flower Essences.  This formula does just one thing (and does it very well.)  If your trauma circuits get triggered (by anything as minor as a hangnail or as serious as a heart attack or accident) it re-sets them to normal, instantly and automatically — so you can deal with whatever it is without the added layer of feeling like “a deer in the headlights.”
  2. Custom blended flower essences.  Sometimes we need help figuring out where we actually NEED help!  A good private flower essence consultation can reveal just what will most help you right now, and offer you energetic support while you work through whatever it is.  I can help.  Learn more here and book a session if you want personal, expert assistance.
  3. Clear the energy around you and in your aura.  Sometimes we can “take on” energy and thought forms that don’t really belong to us, from others around us and in the collective consciousness.  When that happens, it can be really mystifying.  But it’s fairly easy to clear, too.  The first way is by energy clearing sprays; that will remove any negative thought forms in your aura and around you.  The second way is by using a flower essence formula I made originally for healers, who often inadvertently take on the energies of the people with whom they work.  This formula keeps you from taking on energies outside of you, and to keep your own energetic field intact while in contact with others.  This formula is also obviously useful for commuters and for individuals who come into contact frequently with the public.

Also, I have to say that if you are having persistent problems in specific areas with your emotional life, it really does pay to engage a qualified mental health practitioner and ask them to help you work through the material.  The sooner you deal with what’s going on, the sooner you can return to a healthy emotional life and live not “happily ever after” but with a real balance for yourself, and a deeper understanding of what brings you joy and how to avoid some of the same patterns in future that brought you pain in the past.  I highly recommend it.

In the final installment in this series, I’ll be sharing more about spiritual clutter — what it means, how it shows up, and what you can do about it.  Meanwhile, I’d love to know how you deal with your clutter, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.  Comments welcome below.



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