This year, I wanted the feeling of “fresh”.  That was the word that popped into my head when I thought about how I wanted to feel as I began a new year.

So. . . when I looked around the office, I automatically knew one thing I would need to change:  there were piles of papers everywhere!  Ugh.  Therefore, amidst my usual year-end review and 2012 planning sessions, I carved out some time to sort through, file, and organize absolutely everything in my space.  It took two long days to get that done — but it was so worth the effort!

Now, I know where to lay my hands on all my key resource files; where each of my ongoing projects “lives:; where to find the information for:

  • what I want to do within the next week/month
  • what I want to buy, when I have the resources available
  • what I want to finish downloading, watching, reading, or studying

Each of those three things give me something that I didn’t have much of last year:  freedom from the burden of “too much stuff” surrounding me.

My desktop is clear.  The only things on it are my pens, notepad, calendar, and computer.  And, of course, the ever-present mug of hot tea 🙂

I can’t believe how great it feels to work in clean, clear, uncluttered space.  Which means that what now goes on to my routine to-do list is regular sorting, filing, and putting things away.  Last year, my excuse was “I don’t have time.”  But. . . when I get really honest with myself?  The reason I didn’t have the time was because I was using (wasting?) too much of it looking for things, and moving “stuff” from here to there — instead of completing projects, writing, and doing work I love.

There is always enough time; but there can be good or bad choices about how we use the time we have.  I made some bad choices last year.  Not consistently, but enough that they kept me from performing at my best.  I can’t make the excuse that I don’t have enough time any more, because I know it for what it is:  a ruse to keep me from working efficiently.  No more of that!

I suppose you could count that as a kind of resolution — although I’m not formally making resolutions this year.  I’m simply naming 3 keywords to help me stay on track with what I want this year to be about, for me — which I will post tomorrow 🙂

Meanwhile . . . what kind of excuses are YOU making about something?  Want to join me in ditching them??


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