As you have already noticed. . . we’ve made some changes around here.

What you see is the product of a massive rebranding and website makeover ~ which is still in progress.

You’ll discover new ways that we can serve and support you, new ways to interact with me and our team, and gradually you’ll see most of our old sites come back in new and updated forms — which you are going to absolutely love.

The downside is that, especially for all you flower essence lovers, the flower essence makeover isn’t done yet.  We’re working on that.  Meanwhile. . . you can order anything we make (we’re still creating awesome custom blends) by phone or email.

And, on that note. . . we have something special for you today (two things, actually.)

First of all, I decided that because of where we are, at the collective level, more tools are needed.  I’ve got one of them right here.  It’s from our Italian Alpine Collection, and it’s the perfect remedy for our times:  Safe Harbor.

Italian Alpine Collection

Rare flower essences from the Italian Alps

Here’s the story on that:

Because of the continuing chaos globally and the fact that the pandemic is far from under control even in our own country, I’ve made a decision to bring back a very powerful formula to help you get through these tough times: Safe Harbor.

This beautiful flower essence formula is for you when you are challenged by:

* Toxic Relationships (bosses, spouses, family of origin, political trauma)

* Recovery From Trauma (major illness, accidents, hurricane destruction, and the like; there’s plenty going around these days!)

* Overwhelming World Events (COVID-19 Pandemic, Terrorism, Global Economic Collapse and Imbalances, etc.)

For this formula, three Italian Alpine flowers combine in a powerful synergy to bring you peace and inner safety ~ a deep knowing that you’re going to be all right ~ no matter what.

Ground yourself in something pure, simple, and profoundly peaceful. Bavarian Saxifrage, Bavarian Gentian, and Fleur de Soleil dance together in a sweet stable pattern, to give you safe harbor from the storms of life.

I’ve got more information about this formula and the amazing flowers that are in it, if you want to understand just how powerful this formula is ~ and how it can help you get through these challenging times.  Here’s more detail about the individual flowers in this combination formula.

The flowers from the Italian Alps are very special, and carry important patterns for healing and growth. These essences were made from the fresh clean springs of the Italian Alps, and three of the lovely flowers growing in the meadows and high elevations. We joyfully present them for you here.

Bavarian Saxifrage

The Bavarian Saxifrage carries an incredible ability to adapt in harsh circumstances. It is a very grounded flower, able to literally break rocks with its strong roots.

There are four major eco-environments in the Alpine Meadows. Bavarian Saxifrage grows at Level 4.

1. The meadows at the base of the mountains, where grasses and other plants grow abundantly.
2. A bit higher up, there are rock gardens with less soil and more rock.
3. Higher still, there is scree, hardly any soil. The flowers growing at this level struggle, are short-lived. The surfaces are steep.
4. Boulder-fields and sheer rocks and glaciers. At this level, flowers are scant and rare.

The flower’s essence offers the grounding energy along with the ability not only to adapt and be flexible under harsh circumstances, but to actually be happy about it and thrive. Saxifrage celebrates the cooperation with its environment in a marvelous symbiosis, and the remembrance that all can be happy together within what’s given.

The Bavarian Saxifrage’s gift is the consciousness of cooperation and joyful co-creation, exuberant adaptation and thriving no matter how harsh the environment.

If you are feeling the stress of harsh circumstances, or wonder if you have the strength to endure the challenges you face, Bavarian Saxifrage will help you learn how to thrive and be cheerful about it. This is a sensible, solid, grounding essence.

Fleur de Soleil

The Sun is talking to you with its generous energy and equanimity. The Sun gives equally to everything on Earth; there is a smile behind it, very joyful in its expression. The keywords are gratitude, exuberant celebration: “Look what I get from the Sun!”

Fleur de Soleil makes the heart beat with joy and gladness, like the warmth of the sun making the face warm and happy. It helps you remember that even the Sun knows how to treat everything the same, none higher or lower than another; the patterns of Fleur de Soleil help you release long-held judgments about people, ideas, or things ~ so that you can relish the enormous diversity and variety of everything here on the planet that we share together.

Be here now, without judgment, in whole-hearted embrace and gusto of living underneath an exuberant and generous light of the Sun, relating openly and without fear with all other living beings. These are the gifts of Fleur de Soleil.

Bavarian Gentian

The bright blue color of this flower reminds us of the spaciousness of the open blue sky, the vastness and beauty of the heavens above. Looking at the flower is like looking deep into the heavens, the very eye of Heaven. This is a very spiritual flower, that opens to reveal what Heaven holds, what is beyond form, what is highest within all of us.

The Bavarian Gentian Essence is a doorway for spirituality, a call to the Celestial. It helps us to reach higher, reach toward enlightenment. Its message is simple: “My heart opens to the Sacred, to the beautiful Light of what is sacred.” Bavarian Gentian calls us higher, beyond our personal struggles and woes, to understand that in reality, everything is sacred and beauty-full.

When these three flowers come together, the form a very special foundation that is needed for humanity right now.  Because they grow under difficult conditions in a high altitude, they serve to raise our vibrations beyond the mundane struggles and intensity of a world undergoing tremendous change.  They form a true Safe Harbor for humankind

Like all my flower essence formulas, it comes in two sizes:

1 oz (which lasts most people 30 days) for $20.00
2 oz for $35.00

Shipping costs are added to your order; all orders go by Priority Mail unless you specify otherwise, which we’re happy to do if you request it.

Finally, one more bit of important news and this one is also about flower essences.  I made another new combination formula, which is being called for by many of my clients these days:  Insomnia Relief.

This one would make an excellent pairing with Safe Harbor, when your mind and heart simply can’t settle, when you feel overstimulated and anxious, or when you just can’t get restful sleep no matter what you try.

You’re not alone in feeling challenged with disturbed sleep patterns.  But now you have some natural and safe ways to deal with it, that have zero side effects and are ultimately able to change your sleep patterns back to their normal settings.

It insomnia is something that’s an issue for you or someone you love, relief is here.  Combined with Safe Harbor, we’ve got you covered.

I do apologize for the inconvenience of not having our website ready to handle your orders just now, but we’re all stocked and ready to go when you need us

Just contact me through our Contact Us form here on this site, and we’ll arrange to process your order as fast as possible.

Oh, and if for any reason you’d like any of the individual flowers from this formula, we can do that too.  Just tell us when you contact us, and we’ll get you set up with what you want.

Thank you for your patience while we finish bringing the rest of our services and products back, in new and better form.  We truly appreciate you!

Take good care, stay safe, and do something beautiful today for yourself.


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