This article is Part Six of a 15-Part Article on How to Build a Feral Cat Shelter.  Since this is the first time we’d made a shelter, it’s perfect for newbies.  You can read previous installments in this series here:

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five

In the previous installments, we made a plan, gathered all the materials,  assembled the insulation portion of the shelter, prepared the  plastic storage tub for the external “shell” of the shelter, and created an opening in the shell for cat access.  This step describes how to seal and shape the opening for the cat’s access to the shelter.

Step Five.   Tape the entry hole to keep it clean and protect the cat upon entry and exit.

photo by Cindy Read

Taping the entry hole
Photo by Cindy Read


We used duct tape for sealing everything inside and out, which proved to be a very good choice as it’s waterproof and very durable.  The rough edges left on the sides of the hole probably would have been fine, but we wanted to make it just a little more sturdy and safe, just to be sure.

In the next installment, we will cover how this process went, with pictures for most steps.  Be sure to click through to each part to get the whole story!  Here’s a link to Part Seven.