Bridging the Gap Between Idea and Execution

Jun 29, 2010 | 30 Day Blog Challenge, Bright Wings articles, Change, Connection, Inspirations

Sometimes it’s a very long way between an idea or intention ~ and the completion.  The achievement.  Few things go from idea to form suddenly; usually it takes steps and stages.  Which is why the profession of coaching is thriving these days 🙂

Getting from "here" to "there" isn't always easy. Photo by mipan.

To shorten the gap, here is a short checklist you can use:

  • Be clear.  What do you want?  Be specific.  “Somewhere” isn’t the same thing as a point on a map.  You won’t go where you don’t know how to find it.
  • Be committed.  How badly do you want to get there?  Will you do everything in your power?  Move heaven and earth?  If your commitment level is anything less than that, choose a different goal until you find one that inspires you enough to go that far.
  • Get help.  Even if it’s just a map.  You need to know how this is going to happen.  Either make it up yourself, or find someone who’s been there already and can tell you some tricks and tips.
  • Be prepared to course-correct when conditions call for it.  This happens.  Expect it and deal with it.
  • Don’t think in straight lines.  Often only a crow can get there in a straight line; those on foot usually have to find a more creative way.
  • Take time out to refresh and recharge your batteries.  Even an automobile needs a tank of gas once in a while, and you are a more finely-tuned machine than that.  It’s not called “pampering” — it’s basic common sense.  Use yours.
  • Be prepared to make a hard, final push at the end.  That last burst of effort or speed, when you have already given your best, sometimes puts you right over the line into the winner’s zone faster.  Sounds crazy but it works. Then you get to celebrate.

Oh yes, there is just one more thing.

Don’t quit on a worthy plan just because it starts to get hard.  A wise person once said that the bigger the goal, the more resistance there will be.  Don’t take that as a “message” or reason to quit — it’s just a sign that you are on track for greatness 🙂

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