If you or someone you know is in a toxic, abusive relationship, hope is here.    Domestic violence, and intimate partner violence, is on the rise around the world.  Women and children are often targets of male violence and abuse, but it’s not only men who can be toxic.  Anyone can be an abuser, unless and until their own wounds are healed through therapy or other inner, spiritual work.

Toxic relationships can make you feel trapped and desperate, often in dangerous situations.  You do NOT have to suffer and put yourself and/or your children at risk of further violence or abuse. Help is available for you, but you shouldn’t try to do this all by yourself.  Breaking away from an abusive or toxic situation can be dangerous.  There are many safe places for you to go, and safe people who will help you.

Here is a hotline for you to call and get help:  National Domestic Abuse Hotline   or call 1-800-799-HELP (4357).

I encourage you to check out the resources available in your area BEFORE you attempt to leave a toxic relationship.  You will need a careful plan and some outside help.  Make sure you have everything ready, before you flee — and have someone safe ready to help you move on.

The new Break Away formula that I just made will help you make the internal changes you need, to know that you are worth having a happy life free from abuse and toxic partners, and a happy, healthy, safe home environment.  You deserve it!  It will happen for you.  But don’t just run away.  First get yourself ready, get help on the outside, and get a plan.

How I can help is to prepare you for the changes you are about to make in your life, and possibly also for your family.

Are you desperate to break away from a toxic relationship?  Being bullied by someone?

If you (or someone you love) is in one of the following situations, this formula is for you:

  • toxic relationship with a romantic partner/domestic abuse
  • toxic boss or co-worker
  • victim of sexual harassment
  • living with a serial abuser or batterer
  • tolerating someone who constantly puts you down and blames you for everything

How do you know if it’s a toxic or dangerous relationship?  Here are a few sites where you can get a quick checklist of things that can help you decide if someone’s behavior towards you is abusive or not:

Warning Signs of Abuse

Things Abusers and Batterers Say or Do

Abuse Warning Signs for Teens

Is This Abuse?

If you discover that someone in your life is doing any of the above behaviors with you (whether that person is a parent, friend, relative, boss or co-worker, or a romantic partner/spouse) then you may need help to work out a plan to get away and stay safe.  There are organizations that can and will help you!  Your first step should be to contact them, and let them help you develop a safe plan so that you can stop the abuse, get free from the abusive relationship, and start a new life free from the pain.

Please do NOT contact any of the resources listed here from your own phone, cellular phone, computer or other devices if the person who is abusing you has any kind of access to them; you want and need a private connection (perhaps through a trusted friend or relative, public library, or some other neutral ally) so that your plans cannot be intercepted before you’re ready to act upon them.  Keep yourself (and any children) safe, first and foremost!

Then, get a bottle of our new Break Away Formula.    THIS formula gives you the strength, savvy, and courage to Break Away from the abuse, for once and for all.

Get free and get your life back!

Buy now

This new formula is packed with JUST the right flower power, to give you everything you need to get away from the abuse, get yourself safe, and get ready to start a new life free from all the pain.

Yes, there IS hope!  You CAN do this!  Thousands of women (and men, too) who have been battered or abused have gained their freedom and safety.  You can too.  You WILL Break Away, with our powerful new flower essence formula.

Look, the Flower Devas are your allies.  They know there is a better way to live.  They want to share new patterns with you, so that you can take a stand, break away from the pain, and start over without abuse in your life.

The reason this formula is so important to your freedom is that unless you change YOUR patterns of feeling like a victim, you probably will repeat them with someone else.  You will never change your abuser.  The change MUST come from you, and it may mean leaving the abusive situation behind.  The flowers will help you, in every way you need.

No, the flower devas are not going to stand there and hand you money; that’s not how they work (and I think you already know this.)  But what they WILL do, is:

  • to help you know who to trust
  • find out where to turn
  • learn how to make wise decisions about how to keep yourself safe
  • figure out how to start over, free from the pain, abuse, and addictive habits of behavior.

The flower essences will give you the courage and wisdom you need at this critical moment of your life.

If by chance you are not familiar with flower essences and how (and why) they work, please visit our FAQ page and also our flower essence blog Dances With Flowers.

Special Note:  We will donate 20% of every sale of this new formula to RAINN and/or a battered women’s shelter.  Your purchase helps you AND a sister in need!

Don’t wait another day.  Break Away.  Get out and get going with your new life today!

Buy now ~ and help a sister with each order

If you’re too scared to order this for yourself, ask a trusted friend or relative to get it for you, and start taking it as soon as you can.  Don’t wait.  Your help is just a phone call ~ and an order ~ away.

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