Soiar and lunar eclipses.  What’s the effect on your brain?  Today marks the final eclipse in a series of powerful solar and lunar eclipses, and I for one can say I’m relieved.  This energy has been just a bit much for my taste.  if you have been feeling either completely overwhelmed, flummoxed, or otherwise off-center, there might be other reasons for it but you can also blame the stars 🙂

Solar Eclipse Photo by EmiliaU

Now, I need to say that I am not an astrologer.  I merely dabble with a small measure of interest in following the energy patterns of the heavens ~ and the Earth ~ just because it’s interesting (for one thing) and because it helps me to understand a bit better some of what I see happening around me (and often within me, too.)   In general, though, it’s not what guides my life — it’s just something that helps to orient me sometimes when things seem confusing or frustrating.  Which is more often than I’d prefer.  But I digress. . .

One of the eclipses caught me by surprise with its power to completely distort what I was trying to do — which was lead a teleclass on, of ALL things, human consciousness!   I knew it was eclipse day; I had (I thought) even accounted for it.  But what I failed to notice was that the eclipse was in a Sun sign that affects communications (first ooops) and secondly in a sign that is prominent in my natal chart (second ooops) — and then there was the timing of it (smack in the middle of the hour when the call was scheduled.)   Can we say “ouch”?  That was painful!

My brain wasn’t exactly fried — but although I had clear notes and my outline in front of me, for the life of me I simply could not seem to make sense for the better part of an hour.  I could almost hear people on the line thinking “Did I sign up to listen to an idiot?”  Thank goodness for the kindness of everyone present, who gently encouraged me and helped me collect enough of what thoughts I could manage to hang onto, to deliver at least part of the content I’d prepared so carefully (and to little avail.)

You ever have moments like that?  (Without being on drugs, that is??  Which I wasn’t.)  Boy was it embarrassing, to say the least.  I hung up the phone and just cried.

The other eclipses have been a bit kinder to me — but challenging in their own ways.  Things have broken  — but when they got repaired they were better than ever.  Some projects required a complete reworking.  Or a delay meant that a newer, better, stronger solution could be put into place instead of what was originally planned.

So yeah.  I can see the benefits of some of this strange energy we have flowing through the planet these days.

But I don’t have to always like them!

How about you?  What are your experiences during eclipse days (if you noticed anything unusual)?  I’d love to think I’m not alone in feeling how strange it all seems. . . so comment here.  Tell me what it’s been like for you.

Oh. . . almost forgot. I have a backlog of things to share with you, which is why I joined The Ultimate Blog Challenge for July, just to help me remember to keep writing.  More is on the way, on a whole bunch of different topics 🙂


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