A New Blog Challenge for a New Year

Dec 31, 2010 | 30 Day Blog Challenge, Bright Wings articles, Change, Connection, Writing

One of the biggest items on my 2010 “grateful list” was the blog challenges I participated in.  It was great fun; I met some amazing fellow bloggers (some of whom have become my friends); I gained new followers here and on twitter (follow me on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/brightwings)  — and I got into better habits of blogging more frequently than before.  All told, pretty great!

I was therefore thrilled to discover that there is a new blog challenge starting right away.  (You know I had to join, didn’t you?)  You can too!

Join the Ultimate Blog Challenge!

If any of your 2011 goals or resolutions have to do with discipline, a blog challenge makes it easy.  Hope to meet you there!

There will be some big changes coming in 2011, for me personally as well as for Bright Wings.  I am very excited — because I know that what I’m planning will be of deeper service to all my clients and readers and future colleagues.  You WILL want to be on my email lists and rss feeds in 2011 — because that’s the best way to learn about what’s coming along.  It all happens faster than you think — as you probably learned in 2010.

Follow me on twitter.  Get on my email list.  Sign up for the rss feed for the blog in your feed reader.  And get ready for an awesome new year with me!

I may or may not be talking about goals or resolutions.  I’m not convinced they work.  But I will be offering a whole bunch of new stuff in 2011 — that I darn well KNOW works!

I wish you a peaceful, healthy, happy New Year!.  I wish you all of life’s greatest blessings in the coming year.  But you know what?  It helps if you are “in the game”.  Really.

To kick things off, I want to challenge you to name the MOST frustrating thing that happened to you in 2010.  What was it, that derailed you?  Knocked the wind out of you?  Took you way off course?  Or was it you?

Add your comment below, and let’s talk about how you can make that completely rock out next year instead.  I will be answering the first 100 comments only before I close off the thread.

How about making the New Year great?  Get ready.  Get set.  And get yourself going!

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