Beyond Broken: A Masterclass For Wholeness

Mar 14, 2023 | Coaching, Consciousness, Healed Survivors Tribe, Healing, Healing The Wanting, Life Mastery, Resilience, Soul Support

People are being challenged in so many ways these days — global pandemic, climate crises, economic and political unrest and polarization, just to name a few.  (And these are BIG!)

People are hungry for safety, stability, for a sense of aliveness — freedom from anxiety or pain — hungry  to connect with life’s deeper meaning — and to be about the work of building something better for themselves and their families and community.

Maybe YOU are craving answers, too.

Look, there’s not just A single solution to ANY of the challenges we face.  It’s complicated, just like our world today.

Furthermore, despite expectations many of us might have, no individual is going to be The One to save us all.  There are no gurus anymore, only people who are emerging from a long dark tunnel into a future we build together.

We have each other — and that’s enough!

It not only “takes a village” — it takes ALL of us creating things together.  And we will.  We are.

Because of the chaos and confusion, some people have chosen to shut down.  Numb out.  Trying to avoid the pain of loss and confusion.

Others struggle on, hoping to find answers.

There ARE answers — but they require people to be conscious.  Be connected with others.  Be ready.

Whether you’ve been numbing yourself, or struggling, or just surviving — I’m here to support you (and the world) in pulling ourselves through the gauntlet with renewed energy, vision, courage and hope.

Because I’m a survivor too, who’s done decades of very deep healing on my core wounds, I have some things I can share with you that are going to help.

That’s why I put together a new program called Beyond Broken:  A Masterclass For Wholeness.

Beyond Broken: A Masterclass for Wholeness

Beyond Broken: A Masterclass for Wholeness

In this Masterclass, you will:

— Learn how to manage the events in your life better
— Learn how to manage YOURSELF better
— Learn how to create the kind of life you’ve been longing to live — no matter what is happening around you

Enrollment for this Masterclass opens March 1, 2023.

Live sessions start in May 2023 and run for 60 minutes, with 30 minute Q&A time afterwards.  There are a total of 6 interactive sessions, with email support for the duration of the class.   The Masterclass also  includes a complete set of workbooks, checklists, and support material, to enrich your experience and give you more depth.

Who it’s for:

— People in recovery from addictions, PTSD, abuse, or trauma
— Healers and teachers who want to heal their own wounds at a deeper level before trying to heal others
— People who want deeper meaning and clarity about their life

Who it’s NOT for:

— Newly sober people
— People who have not already done at least basic healing work on their own wounds (and this includes healers who are not themselves healed yet)
— Anyone not ready to go deep and face what is true for yourself; I swim in the deep end of the pool.  You need to know there are shadows here — AND there are ways to keep yourself safe.  Don’t jump in without checking with your higher self to see if you really ARE ready for a major transformation of your pain — and able to take full response-ability for your own truth.

What we’ll cover:

— what causes your suffering from the traumatic events in the world, and what you can do about your experience to heal it.
— what you can do about your ability to respond rather than automatically react to things
— how to strengthen your resiliency skills
— how to take care of the basics so you are prepared when you need to be
— and much, much more

What you’ll get:

Confidence in your own powers of resilience
— Upgraded skills to weather adversity, challenge, and intimidation
— Context for sense-making of your wounds and path
Freedom from the patterns of suffering that keep restimulating the hurts
— Be able to be WITH your pain without having to push it away or “fix” it — holding all of it with equanimity and personal congruity
— Renewed ability to self-regulate and better manage your life

We’re being called to heal.  To go deeper.  Find out what is on the other side of the old wounds that used to hurt and keep us stuck.


If so, I warmly invite you to join me for BEYOND BROKEN:  A MASTERCLASS FOR WHOLENESS.

This 6-week Masterclass will give you experiential mastery in the healing areas you are being called to heal in your life.

Enrollment is open now.  Live sessions start in May, 2023 — BUT for the first 100 people to register, I’m offering an unheard-of discount to make it a no-brainer for you:

Until we reach 100 participants, you can be part of this deep-dive Masterclass for only $147.00.  After that (or April 30th, whichever comes first) the price goes up to $495.00.

REGISTER NOW and lock in your $147 price while you can!



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