New beginnings.  Is there any other kind?  Let me think. . . old beginnings?

Each moment is a new beginning. Image by kyoshino.

Well, there are certainly things I’ve started and then needed to start over.  Those might be in a category called “Begin Again” or “Startovers”.  Not “do-overs” because for some of them, nothing much actually got done!  Just started over because I never really got traction the first time.  Or else there was traction in the beginning, but then it died out or the project got derailed or hit a rut — and had to be rescued.

Do you ever have times like that?  Projects or plans like that?

Some of it has to do with commitment.  The things to which I am 1000% committed always get done.  They may not be as great as I wanted — but they get done.  And then they get polished.  And shipped.

The other stuff?  Not so much.  If I feel wishy-washy about it going in, it doesn’t happen.  Excuses are too easy and so are distractions.  By now, I’ve pretty much learned that unless I am totally, completely passionate about something — or can generate enough enthusiasm for it to get into committed action — I need to let it alone.  Either the idea stays in the “idea file” where it can gestate some more — or I ditch it as a loser and go on to brighter prospects.

The same tends to be true for me about the people I select as clients.  I don’t accept everyone.  I’ve learned to be very serious about the folks to whom I offer my best time.  And that’s also why my rates have gone up considerably.  My time is extremely precious — and my coaching has gotten so strong that it takes less time to get to the issues and get them settled.  Clients can get more done, faster and better.  They get in touch with their higher selves in ever easier ways — and use their new connections and realizations to amaze themselves — and me 🙂

This is why I coach.  I love being the catalyst for people who are already up to something good, to discover their inner brilliance — and have the courage to stand and face the world with their new dimensions.

For me, really, new beginnings happen every second.  Every day is a new beginning, as is every hour.  Something is always being born — changing — passing — and renewing.  That’s how life flows — not quite in a linear stream, but in fractals and holograms.  We move and have our being within these dimensions, and this year we are learning how do master our dimensions of time and space and allow them to flow without hindrance.

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