While many people focus right now on new beginnings — and the energy of starting over or starting something new is strong in all our minds — I also notice that as one year ends and another begins, that marks an ending too.

Beginnings are also endings. photo by alexl

I don’t have statistics on how many people begin a new year (or new cycle of any kind) with unfinished projects and plans — but I do know that I can’t be the only one!  Too many of my New Years have been frustrated by the sense of how many things are left undone, how much more there is to do, and how big the list of things I want to complete or finish.

While it’s exciting to start new things, I also have a deep commitment and desire to finish what I start.  Which is why one of the keywords for my year in 2012 is Finish.  I honestly cannot get to any new projects until I complete the ones I have — and monetize them.  Anything less than that makes me feel irresponsible, and I just don’t want to “go there” this year.

So. . . while we are all beginning a new year, and new cycles (or perhaps in some cases renewal might be a better word. . . ) let’s celebrate endings, too.

  • I am glad we got through so many difficult times in 2011; I celebrate the fact that we are still here despite them.
  • I am glad that my business is still afloat, despite several serious challenges in 2011.  I am glad for another chance, another turn of the wheel, another round in which to contribute what I can offer to the world and to my right people.
  • And I am glad that YOU are still here, too.  I am glad to be in community with so many wonderful people — people who are up to something good.

Let’s figure out where we most want to put our time, our attention, and our focus this year.

We do this as individuals, yes — but also we do this together.  Our combined choices make up Life.

I’m excited about that, and about what we can do together this year.   Where do YOU want to take things in 2012?  Now is a really good time to figure out what you are completing/ending/releasing.  My list is pretty solid.  How’s yours?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment area below.

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