I’m just going to go ahead and do this, even though it scares me.  A lot.

I’ve got fantastic news today. . . . . . . .

After such a long time getting ready for this moment (in all truth it’s been more than a decade reaching this point) I finally have someone ready to help me get Healing The Wanting into print (and in all formats — paperback, hard cover, digital and audio.)

Healing the Wanting sample cover

A trusted and competent friend has been helping me tackle the daunting editing process, and now we’re ready to take things to another level.

A new team is so interested in helping me that they have waived part of their fees, to get things rolling. A deal is on the table to get the book professionally edited; formatted for paperback, hardcover, digital and audio; professional covers created; setting up a successful crowdfunding campaign to generate funds for the rest of the costs of production; and organizing a marketing and promotional campaign.

This company has an excellent track record across multiple genres including non-fiction (in my niche of self help/self development) and routinely take authors to best seller status. They are offering me a serious discount and extensive support.

Their experience and interest makes this very attractive to me. I have been trying to decide whether to self publish this book, or to go the traditional publishing route.

With this new development, my answer may already be here. I already have a publishing domain and a domain for the book itself, in case I decide to self publish (that’s Bright Wings Press.)

For my part, I need to come up with a deposit of at least $2500.00 to cover preliminary costs to set everything up, put it all together and launch.

So here’s my question: would you (or someone you know) have the resources to cover this for me right now? The reason I’m asking is that my resources are fully committed and my credit is tapped out, so I need to look outside my normal sources.

In exchange I would offer any or all of the following:

Mention of you (and your website, if you have one) in my acknowledgements

Advanced review copy for you to get first peek at it

— Up to 10 signed copies of the finished book, for you to gift to others or keep

Complementary tickets to all of my programs related to this book, including membership communities, masterclasses, courses and workbook materials (this is going to be worth WAY more than $2500, I promise you!)

— A free Virtual VIP coaching day with me (worth nearly $1300) to be used at your convenience for anything you wish

Because I know how The Universe works, I know that this is the right time and this MAY be the right solution. If it is, I also know that the funds are there; I just don’t yet know where. That’s why I’m reaching out and asking for your help.

Please consider how much good this book will do for the world — and help me raise at least $2500 or more as quickly as possible, so the message of hope and healing reaches everyone who needs it.

Here’s how to contribute:

Send an email to me at:  nancy.brightwings @ gmail.com
(NO spaces; I wrote it this way so the bots don’t pick it up and spam me.)

Put Healing the Wanting Contributor in your subject line and tell me the best way to reach you.    I will contact you to arrange the transaction (and answer any questions you might have about this.)

THANK YOU so much for helping us get this book published ASAP! I am so grateful for your generosity and participation.

P.S. Any amounts will help ~ and please consider asking your extended network to jump in, too. Together we WILL get this off the ground!

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