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Nov 12, 2023 | Announcements, Consciousness, Intentional Living, Life Mastery, Resilience, Soul Support

We all know that things are in a mess right now,  both in the world and in many of our personal lives. We are all affected emotionally.


So let me ask you a question:  Are you ready to take charge of the emotions you feel? Would you believe it’s possible to work simply and effectively with emotions—any emotion—- including anger, fear, guilt, and love — simply and permanently?Well, I’m here to bring you some good news: there is!




You’re invited to a free workshop this Wednesday, November 15th, 2023.

I’d like to introduce you to Ilene Dillon.  She’s known as The Emotional Pro and has been studying and working with emotional mastery for 5 decades.

Ilene is ready to present to you and our world the simple and powerful ways she’s learned to deal with emotion.

We’re starting by offering you a free workshop revealing what you need to know to start developing Emotional Mastery in your life. 

Here’s what Ilene has to say about this workshop:

“Let me tell you how this all started.  More than 5 decades ago, an experience I had revealed anger that I didn’t even knew I had! I exploded with anger and the anger went out of control. That anger threatened my family members–and I could not figure out how to stop it. Right then, I began a quest to develop successful ways–that worked and lasted–to master those emotions.

And what I discovered shocked me. There was absolutely NOTHING written about what anger is, why we have it, or what to do with it!  Social scientists had not studied emotions on a stand-alone basis! They told us the effects of anger. We all were already living those effects. But there were no answers to my questions!

So I set out to find out on my own.  And I did.

I discovered simple ways to deal with that anger. I found they worked for me and for my clients who volunteered to test them out in their lives, too. And after helping thousands of people all over the world using these simple processes that really work,  I am ready to release them to the world. It’s time we all have these skills.

These ways of dealing with anger (and all the other emotions, too) really made a difference!  People I worked with 45 years before contacted me during COVID, telling me what they learned about anger then was still working for them!

That’s why I am excited to bring this information and ways of working with emotions to you.”

Ilene Dillon knows first-hand how important this work is.  Now she’s making it available for everyone.

Be among the first to get this valuable, effective information:

Attend a FREE workshop this Wednesday, November 15, 2023.

In this webinar, Ilene will introduce you to what she’s learned about emotions and emotional mastery, and tell you how you can start right away to master emotions in your life, too!

You will discover:

why we have emotions and what they’re designed to do
which emotion is the most active emotion and also the one most vital for you to master (it may not be what you think it is)
the most powerful emotion we feel and why we need to master it first”

This is such important work for all of us!

Please join us on Wednesday when the secrets and wisdom of Emotional Mastery are revealed. You’ll discover the simple and effective strategies that will set you free emotionally.  Realign yourself, develop your stability, and also help the world!

Seats are limited, so you need to sign up right now!

Thanks for being part of the solution!  I look forward to seeing you there!

With love and appreciation,

Nancy Boyd
Serving people who are creating the kind of world no one needs to recover from ~ I coach wounded leaders to reach new levels of connection, meaning and achievement.

Founder:  The Soul Path Academy ~ Soul Mastery in Conscious Evolution (scheduled to launch in 2024)

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