Embrace The Woo Event

Embrace The Woo

What: Embrace The Woo: The Spirituality Experience
Who: Kimberly Crowe and Lesley Evans
When: July 9th, 2022
Time: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM PT (11:00 AM – 9:00 PM ET)
Where: on Zoom!!
Cost: Just $5 for General Admission
Register Here: https://www.spiritualityexperience.com

Embrace The Woo: The Spirituality Experience is an immersive, experiential day of Alternative Healing, Personal Development, and Transformation for you, your relationships and your business.

I’m super excited to be one of the Embrace The Woo line-up of Guest Presenters. I’ll be presenting on the topic of Resiliency in the Age of Transformation and I’m hoping you’ll come and support me.

Join me for this incredible day!

Embrace The Woo: The Spirituality Experience <<insert affiliate link>>>
When: July 9th, 2022
Time: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM PT (11:00 AM – 9:00 PM ET)
Where: on Zoom!!
Register Here: https://www.spiritualityexperience.com

Master Event Producer, Kimberly Crowe and Master Healer, Lesley Evans have set it up so the whole day is energy-packed and it will be a huge opportunity for you to learn Everything and Anything WOO.

Really, there’s nothing better than being in the presence of so many beautiful, heart-centered, positive healers to brighten your day and put you on the path of your destiny……. VIP’s will walk away having met with and sampled alternative healing and transformation with up to 5 Heart-Centered Practitioners during the event. All from the comfort of your own home!
Join us for this energy-filled, action-packed day where you’ll learn from top experts all about… Connecting with your Intuition, Harnessing The Power of Your Subconscious, Healing your Ancestral Line and so much more! PLUS ……. VIP’s will walk away having experienced a private session with up to 5 amazing Featured Practitioners during the event.

You’ll hear from amazing presenters like these….

  • Shift Your Narrative with Kimberly Crowe
  • The Power of YOUR Presence; how to be more connected to you, your relationships and the Universe with Lesley Evans
  • The Meaning of Life and How to Find it! with DeeAnne Riendeau
  • The Intuition Advantage: Listen, Live and Lead from Your Intuition with Nanci Deutsch
  • Magnetic Mindset- How To Harness The Power of Your Subconscious Mind – with Brooke Kekos

During this event you will …….:

  • Make New Connections
  • Find out about Alternative Healing and Transformation
  • Experience Healing, Growth and Transformation
  • Hear Expert Talks
  • Experience Powerful Group Healing with Qigong, meditation, sound healing and more
  • And, Have TONS OF FUN!!!

PLUS our VIP’s are going to have the ultimate experience! You will get a chance to meet individually with at least one, and possibly up to as many as five our Featured Practitioners in a 20-minute session on various healing modalities you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t had the chance!!  (I’ll be offering sessions on discovering the Probability Within Your Possibilities — which you’d normally have to pay up to $200 per session to experience.)

You’ll have the choice of sessions on things like Reiki, Angel Cards, Qigong, Sound Bath Healing, Akashic Records, EFT, NLP, Emotion Code, Shamanism and more!  (Make sure to check out mine!)

So grab your VIP Upgrade now!!

Oh!!! PLUS!!! The VIP’s will snap up these incredible VIP Bonuses:

VIP Bonus #1: Embrace The Woo Event Recording!
VIP Bonus #2: A Ticket to Lesley’s Power of YOUR Presence Masterclass
VIP Bonus #3: Ticket to “Unlock The Genie in the You” Masterclass with Kimberly Crowe
VIP Bonus #4: Tapping Into the Divine Feminine Goddess Energy Workbook from Jennifer Zeno-Olsen
VIP Bonus #5: Angel Meditations with DeeAnne Riendreau
VIP Bonus #6: 7 Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl Meditations with Diann Alexander
VIP Bonus #7: Refuel Your Ambitions course from Shiraz Baboo
VIP Bonus #8: Virtual “Unleash Your Power” VIP Day with Nancy Boyd
…And MORE!

Register here!

P.S.  NOTE:  During my presentation, you’ll learn how to get in on my upcoming 4-week Masterclass on Resiliency in the Age of Transformation that will cost $2997 when it launches, but attendees only are going to get a secret code to get in for just a tenth of that price — and that’s the bargain of the decade.  The material we’ll cover can save lives.Oh, and there will also be ways for you to get private sessions with me at a ridiculous cost — but you have to join this event to learn how.

Other presenters also are going to have amazing gifts and offers for you, all for a no-brainer $5 entry fee and an easy upgrade to VIP if you want all the incredible bonuses.

This is THE event of the summer!  Can’t wait to meet you there!


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