Announcing The “Buster” Series

We have a new line of flower essences to offer you!

It’s called The Buster Series, because each one of them “busts” something annoying.  Or a habit you want to break.  (Umm, it should be said clearly that these are YOUR habits we’re changing, not anyone else’s!  It’s unethical to try to get someone else to change who isn’t ready.  Show them this page and hint strongly 🙂 )

NOTE:  It is ethical, however,  for parents or legal guardians of a minor child to administer flower essences to the children in their care;  if you are not a parent but a teacher or someone in temporary charge of a minor child, you MUST get the parent or guardian’s prior approval before giving flower essences — except in the case of emergency, when you may want to give them ETS or Rescue Remedy(R) to prevent shock.

Buy sets of 3 or 5 at a discount.

Buy any 3 bottles (in any combination, including 3 of the same formula) for $50.00.

Or buy any 5 bottles (in any combination) for $75.00 — your best value.

Or, you can buy any of the formulas individually.



Habit Busters (The granddaddy of them all!) Have a bad habit you want to break?  This formula offers you THE patterns you need to break any bad habit — and the support to create new ones.  Recommended as a stand-alone essence or in combination with any of the other formulas for breaking specific habits.


Addictive Pattern Busters  Addiction is rampant in our world these days.  Someone who’s in the business of helping to heal addictions told me that there are 96 different kinds of addictions!  Whatever it is that you’re addicted to, this formula will give you new patterns to help you release it, to detoxify your system, and to reach for newer, healthier behaviors to replace the addictive ones.  (NOTE:  If the particular addiction you struggle with has a medical component, please also seek appropriate medical care in addition; this formula is not intended to replace medical detox or mental health care that may also be required.)  What it WILL do is to give you new patterns to help replace the addictive ones.  And that is going to help you no matter what it is that you’ve been addicted to.


Boredom Busters  You don’t have to be a kid to be bored 🙂  We all get bored sometimes.  This formula helps you recover interest, curiosity, and the delightful joi-de-vivre you’ve been missing.


Bully Busters (aka Break Away) When you need to break away from toxic relationships of any kind, this formula helps you do that — AND helps you know who to trust, when you need to seek reliable assistance.  Stop feeling like a victim; empower yourself to walk away from bullying behavior, with your head held high, in dignity.


Clutter Busters  To help you cut through your resistance to clearing the clutter, and to help make the work go smoothly and easily.  Comes with a meditation that helps guide you through the clearing process.  (Sorry, but we don’t have a flower essence that will let you sit back and watch the clutter clear itself. Don’t you wish??)


Dread Busters  For when you KNOW you can’t keep avoiding something, but you dread facing it all the same.  This formula helps you face what you’ve been dreading, so that you can get it over with and get through it.  This one will also help all you chronic procrastinators, too 🙂


Fear Busters  Stops panic attacks, free-floating anxiety, and all kinds of fear, from those whose cause is known to fears of the unknown and unknowable.


Grief Busters  Helps you cut through the sharp pain of grief and loss, in more comfortable ways.  Nothing can dull the pain (and in most cases you wouldn’t want it to) but this formula helps you come to terms with your loss and to process your grief with kindness and compassion.


Obsession Busters  Are you obsessed over a person, place, or thing?  This formula will help you bust that habit and replace it with a more objective perspective instead.  The urgency you feel about your obsession will gradually wane, until it’s not really an obsession any longer.  (NOTE:  this formula is not intended to replace any mental health care you may require.  Please also engage a qualified mental health care provider to assist you with long-term issues of obsessive-compulsive behavior.)  The formula will help, not replace, any mental health care you may need.


Procrastination Busters  Just get over it and get on with it!  That’s what this formula does.  It breaks up your resistance to what you’ve been avoiding, and gets you motivated to tackle whatever you have to do.


Sex Addition Busters  This formula is targeted to all the behaviors, thought patterns, and dysfunction associated with sex addictions.  It provides new patterns to help an individual successfully eliminate what leads you to act out your sex drives in obsessive ways, and gives new patterns to help you learn to become intimate with others in healthy ways, including managing impulse control, recognizing that the other person is much more than just a “sex object” and to integrate new patterns for healthy sexual expression in the place of dysfunctional ones.

NOTE to partners:  it is NOT ethical to give flower essences to someone without their knowledge or permission!  Yes I know how tempted you are, especially if you’re dealing with someone who has a sex addiction.  And you have my sincere sympathy for it.  An effective approach we recommend instead is the “Lysistrata Option” ~ refuse intimacy until the addict agrees to take the remedies and voluntarily work on changing the behavior.  You and your partner may also want to go to a 12-step program and/or a qualified therapist who is skilled in successful treatment of sex addiction, so that you both have the support you need.


Shame Busters  Shame is one of the more toxic emotions.  You need not dwell there.  This formula helps you release your feelings of shame, and helps you recover healthy self-esteem and forgiveness.


Slump Busters  For those mid-afternoon times when you feel sleepy and can’t get your mind focused on anything.  We all have those moments when we just feel like we’re in a slump; this formula will get you out of those slumps fast.


Smoke Busters  Helps you get ready to stop smoking, and then to finally quit.  Additional stop-smoking resources provided with your order.  Get the urge for nicotine out of your system for once and for all.


Stress Busters   For when you just can’t seem to lose the stress.  Helps you relax, and find ways to release what’s been stressing you out.  Let it go with ease.


Victim-Mind Busters  Completely breaks your habitual patterns of feeling like a victim — even if you really HAVE been victimized in the past.  Stop the mental tape that keeps replaying over and over, and give yourself a new pattern that’s personally empowering instead.  Get out of the victim-mindset once and for all, and get free of the pain of your past.  Works for any kind of issue where there’s been a power imbalance, with you as the one not feeling, acting, or able for any reason to know you are worthy and equal in every way to any other person.

Coming soon:  Spray formulas with or without fragrance, for all the above formulas.



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