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Apr 14, 2010 | 30 Day Blog Challenge, Announcements, Bright Wings articles

This is kind of a weird contest, since a lot of you reading these posts might not know me or my work very well. Unlike a contest where you guess the number of jelly beans in a container. . .

Guess how many jelly beans in the mug? Nope, wrong contest! Photo by alimusicva

I just wanted to have some fun doing the 30 Day Blog Challenge and decided a contest would suit that purpose nicely.  But first, let’s have a couple of simple rules, so you will know what to do.

1)  You are only eligible if you are NOT a member of my Inner Circle (because you’d probably already know what my secret project is.)

2)  You can guess more than once, but each guess has to be in a separate comment.

3)  Keep it clean please!  I’m not doing anything you’d be ashamed to tell your rabbi/priest/minister 🙂

4)  The FIRST person to correctly guess what my next big project is, will get an gift certificate.  (I’ll arrange the details once we have a winner.)

5)  The contest ends on Friday, April 16th at 12 noon Eastern time.

Any questions about the contest?  Ask in the comment area below and I’ll do my best to respond before the contest ends on Friday.

Have fun and good luck!

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