Universal Laws Series, 5:11 ~ The Next Installment

May 11, 2011 | 11:11, Bright Wings articles, Change, Connection, Inspirations, Lightworkers and Spirituality, People Doing Good Stuff

The 11:11 phenomenon has puzzled people since it first started appearing. this year Universal Laws are being highlighted in 2011, to assist in the major shift we are all making in consciousness and in how we perceive reality. 2011 is a big year for this and other reasons. May is the next month in a year-long series of dates that reveal more about the Universal Laws and their correspondence to the Spiritual Laws that govern us all. Here is the link to the first post of 2011 about this topic, and to one of my other blogs (yes, I have several. . . ) where I first wrote about the 11:11 Laws.

The Universal Law of 5:11 is the Law of Symmetry ~ the Spiritual Law that corresponds to it is The Spiritual Law of Equality.

In the Universe there is natural symmetry, which is evident in the intricate patterns of Nature, which can easily be observed.  The Spiritual component of this Law is that all are equal, none more worthy than another.  This applies to all living things.

These two Laws keep relationships among all living things clean and clear.  Source so designed Life.

Another dimension of the 5:11 Laws are As Above, So Below.  There is symmetry between Source and the Unmanifest Potential, with an equal portion to be made manifest in form, according to the Law of Resonance.  Another way to say this is “Be careful what you think” ~ because it will take form.  It seems never more so than in 2011; perhaps you have had personal experience that demonstrates this resonance.

What you have constructed in thought will, according to the Law of Symmetry, manifest in form — as precisely as you have envisioned it and given it power with your emotions.  This is why the saying “What you resist persists” works so well, even when you wish it wouldn’t.

You can’t wish away the facts of life, unfortunately — but you can work with them 🙂  When you do, you can manifest Heaven on Earth.  It’s not a myth.  These are the governing laws; we simply need to learn how to use and them work in harmony with them.  Those who are mastering these Laws find themselves thriving, despite all the challenges of a rapidly changing environment.  You certainly can too, if you will take it upon yourself to work WITH the Universal and Spiritual Laws, rather than against them.

The first step is awareness.  You can take it from there.  I am helping everyone with that first step; the rest are up to you.

How do YOU see these 11:11 Laws? How are they showing up for you during these times of intense change and transformation? I’d love to hear what you think.

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