Some while back, I discovered Dr. Mani (as he’s known online.)  He is an internet marketer — who does it as a hobby.  Want to know what his “day job” is?  He’s a cardiac surgeon!  A pediatric heart surgeon, to be precise.  He has a very long, almost unpronounceable name (Dr. Manisivasubramanian) which is why he shortened it, so people could say and remember it,.  (Guess I’d be doing the same thing if it were me. . . )

Each year on Valentine’s Day, he does a special outreach to help raise funds for kids who need heart surgery but whose families can’t afford it.  Giving young people a chance for a whole life is a very special gift — and not one that many people can offer.  But Dr. Mani does!

Fix a child's broken heart

Dr., Mani gives kids' hearts a new chance

This year, he has a new project to raise money for the kids:  47 Hearts.  That’s a very special number. . . but you’ll have to read the book to find out why.

You can get it here:  47 Hearts .

Now here’s the kicker.  If you buy that book today, it will only cost you $2.99. Why?  Because he’s published it on Kindle!

Don’t have a Kindle?  Not to worry.  You can get a version that plays right on your computer!  Go to and check it out.

Want to give someone a REAL heart today?  Get this book.  All the proceeds go to the fund for childrens’ heart surgery.  You will feel so good when you do — and while I don’t know for sure how the kids and families will feel, I can guess.

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