11:11 Phenomenon Continues With 4:11, the Next in the 11:11 Series for 2011

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11:11 is a phenomenon that has puzzled people since it first started appearing. Universal Laws are being highlighted in 2011, to assist in the major shift we are all making in consciousness and in how we perceive reality. 2011 is a big year for this and other reasons. April is the next month in a year-long series of dates that reveal more about the Universal Laws and their correspondence to the Spiritual Laws that govern us all. Here is the link to the first post of 2011 about this topic, and to one of my other blogs (yes, I have several. . . ) where I first wrote about the 11:11 Laws.

4:11 Photo by eurobanks

The Universal Law of 4:11 is the Law of Innocence, Truth and Family ~ the Spiritual Law that corresponds to it is The Spiritual Law of Protection of Family.

Innocence. Truth. Family. Could anything be more universal than this? These concepts are so deep within all people that they must remain sacred; this is why there is a Spiritual Law of Protection of Family. Innocence and Truth are related to Family; they are what connect the hearts of all — and they have the Universal right to be protected.

This is as Source would have it. It is only when humankind blunders that any Universal Laws are violated — with a price to pay for it, in the form of Karma (which will be discussed in one of the upcoming months.) Family is not — as some fundamentalists of various stripes — would have you believe.

It is, in its primary sense, blood relatives; but in a spiritual sense it is also those with whom we have formed deep and meaningful bonds. For some people that would include close friends, significant others, and even pets and companion animals. Family is where the heart connects in its most powerful way. Because for each of us those connections are very special, it is up to each of us to define what Family means to us. It is not for anyone else to define, despite what certain religions and governments would have you believe.

The Law of Family guarantees that you get to define your own family as you see fit, within the innocence and truth of your own heart. The Spiritual Law of Protection of Family allows you to keep your family unit intact from outside interference, whether that be the opinions of others or even the man-made laws, if they violate your own truth.

Remember that your own truth is your heart telling you what Source knows. You love fully only when it is innocent of shame or guilt. Let no one come between you and your own innocence and truth! You have the right to defend your innocence, your truth, and how you define Family — which is between you and Source and no one else.

This particular Universal and Spiritual Law is one that humans have perhaps most tried to change — without success, for the heart knows what is true despite what is imposed upon it from without. What is in your heart is between you and Source; let no one lead you away from your own Innocence and Truth.

How do YOU see these Laws? How are they showing up for you during these times of intense change and transformation? I’d love to hear what you think.

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