3/11/11: Third in a Series of 11:11 Messages for 2011

Mar 10, 2011 | 11:11, Announcements, Bright Wings articles, Change, Connection, Inspirations, Lightworkers and Spirituality

This is the third of eleven significant dates within the year 2011. For readers who found this post and want to see where the idea began, here is the original post . There are multiple reasons why 2011 holds so many unusual — and significant — number combinations. Over the course of the year I will attempt to speak about the major ones.

Obviously, in addition to the date itself, we also have these numbers on our clocks, watches, electronic devices, and so on. They are visible almost everywhere. The prompts to help us remember are practically impossible to ignore. While it may not be quite as obvious, there may be many ways to interpret what these numeric combinations mean. Numerologists will have their own say, I’m sure.

As for me, here is how I see it. The Universal Laws and their Spiritual Correspondents are calling us all to higher consciousness.  As above, so below.  The Universal Law and its Spiritual Correspondent for 3:11 is as follows:

3:11 = The Universal Law of Movement and Balance and the Spiritual Law of Strength, Health and Happiness.  It is the nature of the Universe to seek balance, through continual movement.  We see this in the earth changes, as healing and cleansing continue; the earth literally moves where it must, in response to its own natural laws for balance.

The corresponding spiritual law is very interesting.  We humans know that we must move our bodies to stay healthy; we too seek balance and harmony through all the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual exercises that we know to practice.  Here is what I wrote previously about the meaning of the 3:11 laws (the rest of the 11:11 laws can also be found there, if you’re interested to learn them.). I might just be writing more about that as the year progresses; we’ll see.

What I would add for 2011 is that the entire YEAR is all about the themes that are being revealed and given their own focus each month, as we navigate our own personal and planetary changes.  The collective consciousness of humankind of evolving at a rapid pace, which is something most of us born into this time have long anticipated, if not always consciously certainly at a soul level.

How are you navigating 2011? What is meaningful to you? How can you connect with the cosmic consciousness better?

What are the areas where you most notice movement in your own life?  Where are you seeking more balance?  How are you trying to stay healthy, through such demanding times?

I’d love to connect with you about that here. Your thoughtful comments will receive a reply. (I get a fair amount of s.p.a.m. comments too, which go directly into trash. The good ones get to stay. Just saying.) .

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