Last time Connie Ragen Green hosted a 30-day blog challenge, I came in sort of late — and wasn’t really prepared as well as I wanted to be.  I did manage to get 15 posts done, though, which was quite a bit more blogging than I’d done in a while.  I learned a lot, and when she and Jeannette Cates announced they would be doing another 30 Day Blog Challenge for the month of June, I decided to give it another go — and this time, to actually do 30 posts in 30 days.

I’m hoping to accomplish the following things during these 30 days:

  • energize my readers and inspire them to do more cool things
  • get more twitter followers (so I can get past that tough 2000 follower hurdle and grow my twitter account; I only need another 120 or so to get there, so it’s not that big a hurdle now. . . )
  • increase my subscriber list for my products and services (and I’ll be blogging more about what they are during this month)
  • meet new friends in the 30 day challenge; I already know some of them and I’m excited to meet more
  • and oh yeah, have fun!

I hope this is a great month for all of us in the Challenge, and for all my readers.

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