This is your “2024 Starter Message.”

2024 is on with a slow rush.  At least that’s how it feels here.  Happy New Year to us!

Here’s what happened as 2024 began:

Mercury turned direct (after a nasty couple of weeks messing with communications, travel, and electronics.  And schedules.)

— We’ve just had some massive X class solar flares and CMEs (coronal mass ejections) — and who know what that’s going to do to the grids?  Stay tuned, but be patient if problems show up.  (At least we had some warning.)

World events took some bad turns, and there’s always news on the domestic political front.  Mixed reports all around.

Time feels like one of those fun-house mirrors where the picture is all distorted and “funny.”  (Does it feel that way to you, too, or is it just me?)

We are “officially” back in the office now (most of us, anyway.)  But here I am sitting with a pile of unfinished lists and intentions just from trying to PLAN, for goodness sake!

Don’t know about you, but all this leaves me feeling a little unclear about where the ground is, what’s shifting, what I can trust for stability — and whether I am actually flowing vs resisting.

But underneath it all, I am crystal clear.  The message coming through right now is this:

We are all being called to new levels of mastery — for ourselves, with each other, and for the world.

You can’t be in flow if you can’t trust.  And you can’t trust if you are resisting the truth of your own experience.  (I want to share something about that in a moment)

But first, can we all just take a deep breath and get back into our bodies?  You can’t be present if your mind is all over the place, and if you aren’t feeling what your body is telling you that you’re experiencing.

Come back home.  Come inside — come back to yourself.  Get quiet.  Focus on your breath and nothing else — for at least 5 minutes, if not longer.

Then pay attention to what is in your immediate surroundings.

** What do you hear?
** What do you see?
** What do you feel in your body?  Start there.

Then, when you feel that you are back home, inside yourself — ask yourself this:

What am I trying to become? Who is the person I strive to be now, and to grow into in future?

This is probably the most important question to ask — because the answer will shape everything you think, say, and do from this day forward.

Take your time, and feel into it — rather than “think into it.”

Now, from this new and present space within, read this. . .

What is forecast for the year 2024 is enormous change and transformation — both at the personal level, and as conscious co-creators of a brand new world.  THIS is the year many of us have been waiting for!

New Year Unfolding

New Year Unfolding (yeah I know December is spelled wrong. . . kinda symbolic for 2023 maybe?)

So here’s the salient question:  How do we make the transition safer and more fun?

HOLD (and cherish) clearly in your mind and heart the vision of a beautiful new way to live.   Your soul knows what that kind of world is like.  Trust it.  Love it into being and coax it to emerge.

CONNECT with like-minded others.  It’s a year to work as teams of dedicated people towards shared goals.  What we can’t do alone, we WILL do together!

IMAGINE what we can do, when we share power rather than follow it.  2024 begins a brand new cycle where the dynamics of power shifts from top-down to shared.  What will that mean?  I can venture a few guesses about where the rough spots will be — but when we understand that we are receiving massive support from The Universe to make these changes, and to make them permanent and endurable, it’s much easier to see when opportunities arise.  (And arise they will!)

2024 is a year when a vast number of people hunger for personal growth and transformation — to venture much more deeply into their own personal exploration and discovery.  What a wonderful time!  I am thrilled about this, because it means real change is in progress already and will continue to unfold rapidly from here on out.

This would be a good place to mention that the kind of work people are already seeking in 2024 — self mastery and soul growth —  is exactly what I do.  I am here to nurture and foster the growth of your soul in inspired and transcendent development.

That’s one reason I created The Soul Path Academy; it will begin soon, along with other exciting projects for you to start (or, in some cases continue) your journey of soul mastery.  I would love to welcome you here!

And of course, you can always talk with me about how to make the journey you’re on more positive, sane, and joyful; I am here for you.

If mastering your emotions is one of the things on your agenda this year, you’re going to want to sign up for Ilene Dillon’s Emotional Mastery Series coming up real soon.

Originally planned to start this week, it’s being rescheduled now (due to some technical difficulties that came up during the December Mercury retrograde) — and I’ll share the information when I get it.  This will be a game-changer for you!  Watch for the announcements as soon as registration opens, because you will definitely want to be part of this.

More is coming soon.  Watch for it — and keep practicing coming home to yourself. You’ll need to find and stay there A LOT this year!  Then you can connect with others who are also grounded this way — and get ready to birth a brand new future.

If you know you’re ready for this kind of change and transformation, click here for the starter program and here for the extended program. Both these options will get you really good traction — and results — for 2024 and beyond.

If you’re not yet on my mailing list, now would be an excellent time to sign up.   Just visit my About page, click on the link to get your free book Partner With The Power To Create Your Life, and when you tell us where to send it you’ll automatically be added (so you won’t miss a single cool thing.)

Finally, to sum up the predictions, 2024 is THE turning point for creating the kind of world no one needs to recover from.  I’m here to help birth that world, and support everyone who is working to create it.  Let’s do this!

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