At the suggestion of Chris Brogan (one of my online heroes, by the way. . . ) I decided to take up his challenge to come up with three words that best describe what I want for myself and my business in 2011. It was harder than I thought.

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There are so many things I want to shape this year:

  • 4 new membership sites
  • 3 new flower essence lines — two of them the first of my very own flower essences that I made myself (something to celebrate!)
  • 4 new products (one each quarter)
  • Put together a top-notch team of co-creators to work with me to develop and launch a revolutionary, extremely large project within 18 months.  (If you get excited about working at your best with a team of outstanding people with big hearts and sharp minds, I may want to talk with you.  Tell me what you do and why a project like this interests you.)
  • A new publishing company, to support writers producing outstanding self development and inspiration work

And those are just for fun!  Whew.  Looking down this road, it feels a bit daunting.  Yet. . . it’s not like I’ve never done these things before.  I have.  Just not so many of them all in one year 🙂

What I did, that worked best for me, was to think about what it will take from me, to accomplish all these awesome goals.  It took a while.  I didn’t just rattle these words off from the top of my mind, or just pick something that “sounds right.”  I spent some quiet time actually thinking through what I will need from my inner resources, how I will need to grow some, and what qualities are going to make this fun and easy.

Want to know what three words I came up with?  (Of course you do!  I will stop teasing you and just tell ya.)

FOCUS — because this comes first.

SHIP — This is what happens when I focus.  (By the way, in case you don’t read Seth Godin — and if you don’t, I don’t understand how in the world you’ve missed that.  I’m giving you a link right now to his latest book, which I recommend highly.  Just like everything else he’s written.  Because he’s the one who came up with that term.  It means you’ve completed your product and got it out the door.  Done.  It’s out there.  Gone.  I need that.  So do you.

Here’s the link to Seth’s latest book.   It’s good, by the way.  I took notes.

Seth’s latest book

(And yes that’s an affiliate link.  Since I sent you there, doncha think it’s worth something for me to let you know how great it is and that you really should read it?)  On the other hand if that offends you, I’d rather you got the book some other way.  ‘Cuz it’s an important book.

EXPAND — This is what happens when I ship.  My company grows, you grow, the world gets better because we are both here doing cool things and developing ourselves.  Yeah!  (And we would NOT be talking about anyone’s waist line here.  Definitely not that!)  What’s expanding is good things.  Healthy things.  Happy things.  Get the idea?

All right.  Now it’s your turn.  What are YOUR 3 words this year?  I’d love to hear them.

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