This morning I was scanning the newspaper as I usually do, when something caught my eye and drew me in.

It was an article in the NY Times about a housing shortage in North Dakota.  It seems that there are plentiful jobs up there in the oil industry, but not enough housing.  So people are having to sleep in their cars or trucks while they and their families look for a decent place to stay. There are just not enough hotels, motels, or apartments available for them all!

The first thing I thought was, “Well at least there is one industry that’s hiring these days.”  And my second thought was, “Wow, what an opportunity for someone who can take action quickly here!”  This situation is just ripe for solutions.  And I’m not suggesting there be a building boom in North Dakota, either.  That might not be the best overall solution.

But here is a need.  A BIG one!  First (or second) person to come up with a workable solution is going to make a LOT of money, fast.  If you can find a way to house all the new employees and their families who need housing in North Dakota in the next 30 days,  I’d say you’d have yourself a windfall.

But, suppose you’re not in North Dakota and don’t have any ideas?  Well, here’s the thing.  The news reports — whether in written or broadcast form — are going to reveal areas where there are more than enough opportunities.  Heck, I bet that if you could write up a quick 20-30 page report about how to find quick housing solutions that are creative and legal — you could make quite a bit of money selling to people who are in that situation, whether they are in North Dakota or somewhere else.

Find the hidden opportunities in the news stories you hear about.  And don’t wait for someone else to write the next chapter 🙂

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