11:11 Phenomenon Continues~ Love and Healing, The Universal and Spiritual Laws of 10:11

Oct 11, 2011 | 11:11, Bright Wings articles, Change, Connection, Consciousness, Inspirations, Lightworkers and Spirituality, Motivation

With 2012 just around the corner, people are beginning to either wake up, or at the very least become curious over what all the furor is about.  What will 2012 mean for all of us?  For you?  For me?  While the 11:11 phenomenon does not address the changes of 2012 (which actually are happening NOT in 2012, but right now in this very moment) — the Universal and Spiritual Laws of 11:11 set a template for us to easily follow.

The 11:11 phenomenon has puzzled people since it first started appearing. this year Universal Laws are being highlighted in 2011, to assist in the major shift we are all making in consciousness and in how we perceive reality. 2011 is a big year for this and other reasons. October is the next month in a year-long series of dates that reveal more about the Universal Laws and their correspondence to the Spiritual Laws that govern us all. Here is the link to the first post of 2011 about this topic, and to one of my other blogs (yes, I have several. . . ) where I first wrote about the 11:11 Laws.

This month, we focus on The Universal Law of Love and The Spiritual Law of Healing.  Love and healing go together as no other two Laws do.  Their energy is intertwined in a cosmic dance that possibly precedes time and dimension.  Much could be said about these Laws ~ and much has certainly be said about the two words Love and Healing.

But their real relationship is in their connection.  What connects Love to Healing?  What connect Healing to Love?  These questions have teased and sometimes tormented healers for millennia.  Perhaps now  in this time of rapid change, the real connections will be revealed for all to understand.

Love co-creates healing. Image by hidesy

To make this a bit easier, it may help to realize that the natural state or condition of all things in the Universe are joyful and free.  When one is experiencing the emotion or state of love (in its purest form in particular) one is also in a state of joy and freedom.  This is the energy field of healthy beings.  When that field is disturbed, by any cause or for any reason, unless you can return to your natural state of joy and freedom, dis-ease follows.  That, too , is within the natural order of things.

Both scientists and healers agree that strong emotions can affect one’s health and well-being, for either good or ill.  The longer one holds an emotion that takes you out of the energy field of joy and freedom. the more risk there appears to be.  It is easy to understand that being angry all the time can precipitate physical conditions that are not “good for you” — from high blood pressure, to stress, to nervous disorders and mental and emotional problems.  Most people are aware that being happy and healthy go together; when you are unhappy for prolonged periods of time, it tends to affect your health.

However, if it were as simple as “being love” 100% of the time, we humans would still age and eventually die; not even love can prevent this.  But staying healthy?  Yeah, love has a LOT to do with it.  Perhaps everything. Maybe THIS is where we could focus some thought and energy as we transition into 2012.

What needs healing ~ in individuals as well as for the planet?  What heals families?  Communities?  Governing structures?  (By all that’s holy, surely healing is needed in ALL these realms!)  What will the power of Love do, to change what is — into what could be instead?

Healing is hard work.  So is loving.  It can be messy.  But you can’t have one without the other.  If we really do want one, we have to have both.  It doesn’t work any other way; this is a Universal and Spiritual Law.  The sooner we can understand this, the sooner our lives will know both joy and freedom and the sooner our world will be a place where everyone has a chance.

As people awaken ~ from the Arab Spring to Occupy-Wall-Street-or-a-city-near-you (and oh yeah, make things right/correct injustice/bring some joy for everyone, not just an elite few) ~ we are going to see the urge for healing-through-love emerge powerfully and clearly.  That is what I see happening right now.  The protests are all about noticing the places in our world that keep goodness from happening — and the intense desire to correct it.

What has your experience been?  And more to the point, what are you doing about getting yourself back into the energy field of joy and freedom as often as you can?   What are you doing to bring healing to your family, your community, your world, and how we all connect, live, and work together?

It looks as though the Cultural Creatives are getting their groove on — and they and their children are rocking the world.

Food for thought — and for the soul. . .Your comments on this topic are welcome; please share below.


And this is worth pondering deeply.


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