11:11 Phenomenon Continued ~ Watch The Number 22

Jun 22, 2011 | 11:11, Announcements, Bright Wings articles, Change, Connection, Consciousness, Inspirations, Lightworkers and Spirituality

11:11 = 22

For those of you who have been following the 11:11 series, you know that this whole year is filled with special dates of numerological meaning, to help us orient — and awaken to — new dimensions of cosmic awareness.

Today is a very magical day, with double energy for transformation and inspiration.  It is also a “hinge” day — a doorway, if you will — into higher dimensions of creativity and awareness. I will say more about that in a moment, but first, for those of you who haven’t read the rest of the series so far, here’s a refresher.

The 11:11 phenomenon has puzzled people since it first started appearing. this year Universal Laws are being highlighted in 2011, to assist in the major shift we are all making in consciousness and in how we perceive reality. 2011 is a big year for this and other reasons. May is the next month in a year-long series of dates that reveal more about the Universal Laws and their correspondence to the Spiritual Laws that govern us all. Here is the link to the first post of 2011 about this topic, and to one of my other blogs (yes, I have several. . . ) where I first wrote about the 11:11 Laws.

While all months contain a 22, June is rather special, as it falls within a series of major, powerful eclipses that are triggering deep change within the planet and within the consciousness of all living beings.  As with all astrological configurations, we always have free will —  but since these eclipses fall within the month where the keyword is Choice, it brings to the fore everything that needs resolution and a decision. Read the previous post where I discuss this in more detail.

Shall we live with war?  Peace?  Fairness and equality for all people?  Or for the privileged few?  What will determine worth — a person’s character and potential?  Or money or its equivalents?

Time To Decide. Image by onurdongel

This day, this doorway, is a moment to choose for yourself what kind of world you want to inhabit — and what your stake in it is.  What are you willing to offer, in exchange for what you most want?  Are you willing to give up your bad habits, if it will not only help you but make the world better?

These are some of the questions we as humans are being asked to decide.

But there is an even bigger choice for all of us to make, and it is this:  Are you willing to wake up?  To become and remain conscious?  To be a loving person, connected in your heart to all of Life?  This is the choice before you — before us all.

How are you choosing to be today?  The Universe is telling you that “time is up” — you have to choose one way or another.  I know what my choice will be; it’s pretty easy, actually.

Because you cannot make choices for anyone but yourself, the more of us who DO commit to conscious awakening will strengthen everyone to do the same.  Shall we talk about this?  Your comments and thoughts are welcome.

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