Introducing the

Soul Path Academy


Elegant solutions to complex problems for people who want more out of life.

Imagine how exciting it is when you have a life filled with more meaning, satisfaction, comfort, connection, truth, and happiness.

That’s what we deliver: more ways to serve you on your Soul Path journey (everyone has a Soul Path!)  Some of the things we’re working on include a book and workshops on How To Upgrade Your Personal Operating System, training courses in our Soul Path AcademyWhat Is Your Soul Type, and how to work with it to enjoy a more satisfying life. . .  and much more.

When you upgrade your personal operating system to one that’s soul-based and rooted in what really matters to you, you become confident, meaningfully connected, radiant with purpose, and happy.

In 1999, we started out as an empowerment company, delivering coaching and holistic products to Cultural Creatives, Indigo kids and their families, and generally serving people who are up to something good.  We still do that.

But so much has happened since then.

The world has changed so much — and so have we.

Everyone has a default way they roll in the world. What’s yours? Take our short assessment to discover the level where you’re currently operating ~ and where you could soon be.

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